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champion grocery baggers headed to las vegas for finals

by:Xilong      2019-08-17
\"Don\'t crush the eggs.
Pearls and other pearls in the grocery store
The finalists at this year\'s best baggie tournament brought wisdom.
Since 1987, the national grocery store association has sponsored a national competition every year in search of the best custom backpacks makers in the United States.
In addition to the brown paper bag instead of the bikini, the work of this competition is like the Miss America pageant.
Baggers first competed at the state level. A best-
Bagger will appear in every participating country.
The winners then gather in Las Vegas, at the Mirage Hotel, in a carnival bag --
The best one in the countrybagger emerges.
This year is set for February. 11.
Last year\'s winner was Andrew boracini of Washington state, who held the torch high for him then.
Employers in Seattle Metropolitan Market
What advice does he have for amateurs?
\"What I usually do is put any jar at the bottom.
You put the eggs on it, so nothing will be squashed with chips or bread on it.
If there are vegetables, you place them between the can and the top.
If there is a box, you put the boxes around the other items together to form a protective wall, \"said Borracchini, who beat about 22 or 23 (
He can\'t remember which one.
Other state champions told ABC News.
If there\'s a physical bag.
Leave on 1938, equivalent to E = mc2.
Read more: the use of plastic bags in the national capital Borracchini plummeted, he won $10,000 for proficiency, and he said he immediately deposited the money into the bank.
He\'s the first one now.
University of Seattle college students of the year
Major in business.
The 20 most exciting finalists include those who won the Massachusetts championship this week.
On Wednesday, she beat her bag-packed rivals at Randolph\'s Lombardo grocery store.
She told ABC News that the weight of her and her colleagues was judged based on the speed, demeanor and skills they evenly distributed weight between bags, Oh, don\'t squander any eggs.
Irene Munster, a spokeswoman for the grocery store Association, said the game had an important purpose.
She said: \"It\'s an interesting event, but for us, it\'s important that the bagging business is probably the most important person in the store and the last person the shopper saw before he left.
\"The winners are often very personable and articulate.
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