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carry your own shopping bag | bengaluru news - times of india

by:Xilong      2019-10-08
Bangalore: that plastic is not
Even children know something biodegradable.
But does this awareness limit the use of plastic?
Thin handbags, plastic cups and plates are still scattered throughout much of Bangalore.
These plastic bags, which have lived longer than 100, have blocked our rainwater drains and lakes.
National Geographic launched a campaign in the city on Sunday to ask shopkeepers to avoid using plastic.
The information they give customers is \"Bring Your Own \"(BYOB).
As part of the campaign, National Geographic will spread the news on the city\'s most visited shopping mall Commercial Street.
The channel has produced a special environmental package to distribute there.
\"This is to make customers realize that they should carry shopping bags.
For the next 10 days, the volunteers will stand near our store, take the plastic bags from the customers and put everything in the custom backpacks.
We want customers to get free cloth bags, which will help raise their awareness.
It is eco-friendly and reusable.
Shopkeepers on the high street will support the movement, \"said Ajai Motwani, vice president of the high street Association.
A good plastic custom backpacks takes about 4 rupees, while a reusable bag takes about 8 rupees to 10 rupees.
Shopkeepers on the commercial street plan to attract multinational companies to sponsor some bags.
They will be corporate brands on one side and store brands on the other.
\"In this way, retailers pay only RS 4.
In a month or two, we are on track to achieve that . \"
On average, shopkeepers on the commercial street spend more than 1 rupee a month on plastic bags.
Police chief Ajai Kumar Singh launched the campaign.
\"These movements are vital to our survival.
It\'s easy to give a speech, but it\'s hard to take action on a personal level.
As far as the environment is concerned, we are all like the famous anecdotes of the poet Kalidasa.
We are cutting the branches where we sit.
I remember a trip to the Great Ridge where Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore were portrayed on a beautiful toy train.
Today, plastic is everywhere on that rail.
\"Every beautiful place we go to has plastic,\" he said . \".
The children carrying plastic bags put all the contents into the cloth bags they gave them.
They also participated in the painting competition with the theme \"painting my Earth Green.
In addition, cable operators such as cable, Hathway, You Telecom, Kable First, Siti Cable and Den Network are also part of the event.
Along with Vasundhara Das and Anil Kumble, the promo will be broadcast on all networks.
The organization \"ECOFRIENDLY arec fruit plate global foundation\", which is trying to promote the use of arec fruit plates, has been successful at popular restaurants in Bangalore.
Nilgiris, forgiveness, Nandini Palace, Imperial Hotel, mast Kalander, Kamat Yatri Niwas, juice junction, MRI fast food, Sukh Sagar, according to Vinod Dubey of the Wings Global Foundation, nukkad of Bangalore International Exhibition Center and BIA has already started using betel nut plates.
The group also worked closely with the Karnataka Pollution Control Committee to convert as many restaurants as possible into these plates.
Plastic accessories \"thunk\" in India started by a group of young designers from Bangalore using non-
Recyclable waste materials, such as Tetris, plastic bags and plastic bags, are used to make fashionable accessories such as bags, wallets, pen clips, jackets, bottle holders, mats, lampshades, etc.
They also used areca, lantana and coconut shells.
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