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Car storage travel bag helps BYD car sales

by:Xilong      2020-03-25
BYD car car promotion storage travel bag customization was successfully completed by Xilong bags a few days ago. As a dark horse in the national car brand, BYD Auto's market sales are rising, which has a lot to do with BYD's in-depth strengthening of the humanistic care concept in the sales process. At present, this car storage travel bag customized by Xilong luggage company has the characteristics of large capacity, light weight, good rain-proof and waterproof performance, and convenient application on the shoulder and back. It makes the car owners no longer think about big bags and messy trunk in the travel business process. At the same time, it can also maintain a good sanitary environment in the car. This bag is specially designed and customized with BYD color elements. It has been deeply loved by the majority of car buyers since its listing, and has promoted the continuous increase of car sales. It is really a bit of care to move customers, this may be the artifact of market promotion.
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