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Can luggage customization be made for free?

by:Xilong      2020-08-20
I believe that when many customers search for manufacturers, they will see many manufacturers advertising, there are'Free Design, free proofing' According to this statement, luggage customization has become a processing method that more and more customers will choose. As customers who sell luggage, they will take their products to other manufacturers for customization. In the process of customization, they often negotiate according to the manufacturers, the two sides will reach an agreement according to their own requirements for this bag. Of course, the dissatisfaction can be modified. However, many customers who customize luggage will ask, can proofing be free in the process of luggage customization? Generally, manufacturers who focus on luggage customization, the most important thing for luggage customization is Proofing. Proofing is related to the final aesthetic feeling of a luggage. If proofing is not good, it will often affect the final sales volume of the whole luggage, however, as a customer, it is important to know that any manufacturer who customizes bags and bags cannot give customers free proofing. Even if it is a long-term cooperation, it will charge some fees, but it's definitely not free. There is no free lunch in the world. Most luggage manufacturers, after mutual negotiation, finally promote the minimum order quantity order, can remove the proofing cost, provided that the minimum order quantity demand of the manufacturer must be met. Finally, those who fight can'Free proofing' The luggage manufacturer should pay attention to it. It is a trap to accidentally step on it. Before choosing a manufacturer, you must carefully polish your eyes and then decide whether to cooperate. Xilong luggage has been focusing on luggage customization for more than 12 years. It is an old luggage factory in Guangdong. It has strong production strength, complete workshop equipment and novel product styles. It has customized luggage for many big-name strength enterprises, with integrity, strength and product quality, the enterprise has been recognized by the industry and is a luggage manufacturer worthy of your trust!
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