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california mom sells hilarious \'passive-aggressive lunch bags\'

by:Xilong      2019-08-19
An interesting mom in California is selling \"passive-
After her teenage daughter reported that stupid totes had been hit with her high school classmates, her parenting notes became aggressive.
Whitney Cicero, who is in charge of blog New step ford, told reporters today that she started creating so-
She was 14 years old and called a \"passive attack lunch bag\"year-
12-year-old daughteryear-
The old son shared her most shameless inner thoughts about the daily business of parenting.
My parents gave me 32 minutes-
A frustrating study says the time of the day is \"pretending it is Chipotle \".
\"Fortnite is not a career choice,\" another reminder . \".
Other information includes regular
Parenting phrases like \"cleaning your room\", \"I can\'t wait to get you to drive\" and \"drop your phone\" say.
Cicero said today that after her daughter\'s classmates started asking to watch her lunch custom backpacks every day, she was inspired to share pictures of her lunch custom backpacks on social media.
In recent days, the Fun Mom has started selling these packages to nearly 105,000 users of her Facebook and Instagram.
Cicero told her about the exit of the hot new product, \"humor with your child is essential . \".
We\'re joking about everything.
Sex, Drugs, politics, body
I don\'t want them to think anything is taboo.
\"Humor is an important aspect of having a meaningful conversation and it helps to break the tension of things that can be a bit awkward,\" she added . \".
\"And if we don\'t have a sense of humor about being parents, we lose our minds.
\"Keep an eye on us on FACEBOOK and learn more about Fox Lifestyle News, although lunch bags can be fun, the bigger message from Cicero clearly resonates with Instagram users.
\"Love your sense of humor,\" one fan wrote about the bags . \".
Another netizen said: \"Your daughter is right. these are funny . \"
\"I bought the next salary! ” another said.
Cicero for 10-
Pack Bags with sharp handwritten messages for $9.
There is 99 plus shipping on her website.
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