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Business gifts customized backpack purchase points

by:Xilong      2020-03-28
Business gifts are one thing that has always been needed in business activities. Companies will think of choosing some gifts for business advertisements in giving gifts, but what type of gifts are appropriate? Nowadays, business gifts have to be practical and have more publicity scope. Therefore, in recent years, many enterprises will choose to customize backpacks for employee benefits. Backpacks are used by everyone when they go out. In this way, we have to discuss how to buy backpacks? The commonly used material of a backpack the commonly used material of the backpack is'Nylon'And'Cordura (Koudu material)'Two kinds. Nylon cloth is light in quality, does not absorb moisture and mold, dries quickly and has good strength; The disadvantage is that the wear resistance is lower than that of kaudula material and it is afraid of fire. Cordura cloth is not easy to change color when used for a long time. The advantage lies in its wear resistance, tear resistance and incomparable toughness. It also has good hand feeling and will not absorb moisture, mold or stick snowflakes and dry quickly. Cordura's commonly used specifications are 160D, 33D, 500D and 1000D. Cordura and nylon are higher than nylon relative to price. The size and capacity of the two-shoulder backpack the size of the backpack is customized by Ergonomics. However, due to the different body structures of men and women, girls often choose a smaller size, shoulder bandwidth and close-fitting backpack. Boys will choose shoulder bandwidth and a bigger backpack so as not to look petty. The capacity of the backpack is generally structured with two large compartments. The largest compartment is divided into two compartments, and there are two grids next to the outside. Girls' backpack capacity generally chooses 30- 50 liters, the boy's backpack capacity is generally 40 rises. When enterprises customize backpacks, select a middle number in size and capacity. Choose a capacity of 40 liters, suitable for men and women to use. Third, the parts of the backpack can be felt by hand when purchasing the shoulder straps of the backpack. The sponge filled with the shoulder straps of a good backpack is quite elastic, and the benefit of course is durability, good load performance. A good backpack shoulder strap plus the backpack's carrying system and durable fabric will make the whole bag even if you don't put anything in it, you will be waiting for you to go on an expedition at any time. The back structure of the backpack directly determines the purpose and grade of the backpack. The back structure of the brand-name computer backpack is relatively complex, with at least six pieces of Pearl cotton or EVA as air-permeable cushion and even aluminum frame. The back of the average backpack is a 3MM Pearl cotton breathable plate. Combine the above characteristics to buy a backpack, choose a backpack suitable for business activities as a gift. At present, most enterprises choose luggage customization, which can not only be customized and purchased according to the above characteristics, but also be publicized with the logo of the enterprise.
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