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Business gift customization allows customers to decide gift personalization

by:Xilong      2020-03-21
Gifts have long been people's way of life, but for a long time, the homogenization of gifts has been particularly serious. This industry is a worry in the gift industry, obviously, buying gifts in supermarkets and shopping malls can no longer meet the needs of consumers, and it also leads to aesthetic fatigue of consumers. Why can't consumers' ideas be reflected from gifts? China as a country with more than two thousand years'Ritual Culture'The great powers of history have a particularly high demand for gifts. At this time, the business gift customization industry is booming with the increase of more funds and talents. China's business gift industry has increased more than ten times in ten years, reaching a scale of trillions per year. Personalized customization mode is also becoming more and more popular. What is personalized gift customization? Since the birth of the customized service of promotional gifts for enterprises, many gift enterprises have tasted the benefits, such as Xilong luggage in the gift luggage industry and the luggage customization enterprise located in Xiamen, at present, the customers have developed into thousands of multinational enterprise customers such as Bank of China, postal service, Ping An Insurance, Lexus automobile, etc. At the same time, the next question arises, is this customized gift service also suitable for retail individual consumers? The development of the Internet is unpredictable by human beings. It always appears new patterns inadvertently and develops everywhere at a speed like mushrooms after a spring rain, the emergence of internet group buying has solved the customized needs of individual consumers, and the majority of zero-purchase customers can also buy personalized bags.
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