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Briefly describe the precautions for daily use of luggage

by:Xilong      2020-02-28
Most of the time, the luggage becomes dirty, discolored or worn, which is not caused by too long use time, but may only be caused by our lack of attention during use, so, in order to extend the service life of bags, especially some valuable bags, you must pay more attention to them when using them at ordinary times. Below, Xilong bag manufacturers will get to know each other. 1. If your hands are easy to sweat, it is best to use your arm bag or shoulder bag as much as possible, and use less hand bag, otherwise sweat will easily leave stains on the handle of the bag. 2. When placing sharp items in the luggage, be sure to pack the sharp items completely before placing them. And those items that have the suspicion of cutting or breaking the luggage should not be placed in the baby luggage. Do not plug or let go of heavy items, otherwise the luggage will be deformed or damaged. 3. When switching the lock of the luggage, never mix foreign matter in the lock, which will damage the hardware of the luggage. 4. Do not paste labels or adhesive tapes on the luggage, which will easily cause the skin to peel off when it is torn off. 5. Try to avoid frequent friction between handbags and denim clothes when using handbags, because dyeing is easy to occur. 6, rain and snow weather, try to avoid the use of suede, matte leather, suede and other leather bags, because once a large area of water will be difficult to take care of, and the leather will become hard. 7. Direct light and heating for a long time will decolorize, discolor and deform the luggage. Should try to avoid long-term contact with the sun, heating bags. The above is about' Precautions for daily use of luggage' If there is anything you don't understand, you can come to consult at any time.
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