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Brief introduction of five luggage custom fabrics with smooth sales

by:Xilong      2020-03-28
At present, most enterprises and businesses like to choose luggage customization, so which fabrics are better sold when choosing luggage customization? The following Xilong luggage editor will introduce Wuda's best-selling fabrics to you; 1. Jacquard light oxford cloth: warp and weft threads are made of polyester light DTY300D network yarn; The texture is woven on a water jet loom with a tap. 2. 1680D double-strand Oxford cloth: It is understood that the fabric is made of polyester glossy filament, and the warp and weft threads are all made of 600D twisted yarn, which is woven on a water jet loom. 3, filament twill Oxford cloth: a raw material specifications for polyester FDY bright 420D X 420D is woven from twill on the faucet machine. 4. Polyester/human cotton jacquard cloth: it is made of FDY68D * Human cotton yarn 16S as raw material, 40% polyester and 60% artificial cotton, and is processed by rapier loom and jacquard weave technology. 5. Brocade cotton oxford cloth: the warp thread of this fabric is made of 140D nylon FDY silk, and the weft thread is made of 16s cotton yarn. It is a plain weave structure, and the product specifications are interwoven on air-jet looms according to 110*92. This article comes from Xilong luggage http://www . Azy288. com/
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