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Boston is banning plastic shopping bags in its stores

by:Xilong      2019-09-26
Single banned in Boston
Use plastic bags in shops in the city.
According to The Boston Globe, Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh said on Sunday that he had signed the regulation because of environmental benefits such as reducing garbage.
He said he was still worried about low-
Income of residents and the elderly.
Effective next fall.
The regulation was passed by the municipal council on 1st day of last month.
It prohibits thin plastic bags and requires businesses to charge no less than 5 cents for other cashier bags, including reusable bags, packaged plastic bags and paper bags with handles.
Paper bags without handles are still free.
All package income will be retained by the enterprise. Fifty-
Nine communities across the state charge or restrict plastic bags.
Some communities in Rhode Island have banned singles.
Use plastic shopping bags.
Information from The Boston Globe
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