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boston city council approves ban on plastic shopping bags

by:Xilong      2019-10-09
Boston City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to ban singles
Use plastic shopping bags throughout the city.
MP Matt O\'Malley\'s proposal to ban fragile plastic bags and ask businesses to charge no less than £ 5
Other types of cashier bags include reusable bags, packaged plastic bags and recyclable paper bags at a price of US cents.
All package income will be retained by the enterprise.
The measure still needs approval from Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh, who said on Wednesday that he is still reviewing the measure.
Walsh opposed the ban last year, saying it would have a negative impact on small businesses and low-income peopleIncome families.
The United States progressive package alliance represents the United States progressive package alliance. S.
Plastic custom backpacks manufacturers have called on Walsh to veto the regulation, which will come into effect one year after it is passed and allow businesses to seek a temporary exemption from the requirement.
The union said the regulation would encourage the use of products that are \"adverse to the environment\"
Use plastic bags.
The Protection Law Foundation, which supports the proposal, said more than 0. 35 billion orders
Plastic bags are used in Boston every year, and most of them end up in landfill or as street waste.
O\'Malley defended his proposal on Wednesday, saying that residents have indirectly paid for plastic bags because businesses have included costs in profits and public engineers have to clean up plastic bags from the park, water and rain pipes.
For more than a year, the committee has been weighing the ban on plastic bags throughout the city.
Neighboring Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline are among 59 communities across the state that charge or restrict plastic bags.
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