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boomerang bags sew the seams to reduce plastic waste in the illawarra

by:Xilong      2019-08-13
Illawarra young people have discovered a love for sewing and ironing, and they want to introduce reusable cotton shopping bags to the markets and commercial shopping centers on the south coast.
Australian conservation volunteer officer Adam Woods admitted that college students were not sewing cotton bags very quickly, but they made up for it with enthusiasm.
Since this year, a group of young environmental activists have begun to recycle donated fabrics and produce reusable revolving ang bags.
\"Because we are still learning to sew, production efficiency is not the highest,\" he said . \"
\"When you throw a group of college students in front of a sewing machine, the result can be a bit confusing.
\"But, driven by the desire to address the growing environmental problems of plastics in landfill sites and marine environments, the organization produced about 150 bags in several sewing nights.
\"We are trying to get all of our materials from the local community and we want to see donations of fabrics and cotton,\" he said . \".
\"It would be better for the environment if we could redesign something that would eventually be landfill, reuse it and bring it into the community.
\"The plan is to put these bags at the entrance to the university residential campus, so remind students today to bring a bag.
\"Projections of how much waste will be produced in the oceans over the next 35 years are important and worrying.
Megan Rowlatt, the founder of Illawarra Intrepid Landcare, says 8 million tons of garbage enters our oceans every year.
By 2050, unless drastic action is taken, there may be more plastic in the marine environment than fish, she said.
There are also people.
Biodegradable plastic bags release toxins to soil and water.
She said: \"This is an invisible, invisible thing . . . . . . When the plastic breaks down into smaller pieces, it becomes invisible . \".
\"Science has yet to catch up with what its impact is.
\"Small pieces of plastic are easily confusing for jellyfish and can be eaten by marine creatures and eventually kill them.
Megan Rowlatt saw the swing ang custom backpacks initiative in Burleigh head, Gold Coast, and immediately wanted to take it to Wollongong.
\"I see the value the volunteers have gained from the process of gathering together to sew these bags for sustainability,\" she said . \".
\"There are a lot of environmental groups that do a lot of great things, but when we put it there, the energy around is very good.
\"All of these young people are there and young people don\'t usually like ironing or sewing, but everyone stands up and hugs it.
She said she wants the brand to be widely recognized to make people curious about the philosophy behind it.
They have come into contact with the local market and want to buy it in major supermarkets, especially if New South Wales ban plastic bags like the bill.
The bag is not always beautiful.
\"I think the less fashion the better,\" Woods said . \"
\"Some of the ugliest bags are sewn and people like bad ones.
\"To Donate fabric, participate in the project or learn more, visit the wiggle ang Facebook page.
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