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becky watts trial: court hears grisly details of how teenager’s remains were found

by:Xilong      2019-09-21
Becky Watts was killed in February.
Source: Snapper MediaWARNING: graphic content Becky Watts was only 16 years old when he was killed and then cut into eight pieces in February.
Her head was found in a shopping bag.
The Bristol Royal Court is hearing the details of this outrageous crime, and members of the Becky family dry their tears while listening to what happened to the girl.
Some people were dumbfounded in silence.
No one else can stay and listen to the terrible evidence.
The news is terrible.
The teenager suffered 40 injuries prior to death, stabbed at least 15 times in the abdomen after stopping breathing, and was sawed into eight separate pieces.
Her alleged murderer is Nathan Matthews, her 28-year-old stepbrother.
He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and told police that he had chopped her body, but he denied murder, conspiracy to kidnap and other charges.
Matthews\'s 21-year-old girlfriend, Shawna Hall, denied five charges, including murder.
The court heard overnight testimony from the forensic pathologist Dr. Deborah Cook, who performed an autopsy on Becky\'s body parts after being found at the garden cottage of his Becky neighbor.
Her head was found in a suitcase wrapped in plastic wrap, tape and blue plastic and a grocery shopping bag.
According to the Bristol Post, it was covered with bruises, which Dr. Cook said were consistent with suffocation and hurt himself on carpets or furniture.
Becky Watts was killed in February.
Her stepbrother was accused of murdering her.
Source: The meeting of the flute media, the defendants Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hall.
Source: Becky went missing on February 19, looking for her, and it was shocking that Matthews was arrested.
The killer is frantically trying to hide her body parts, which is evident from the various items they use.
The torso was found in a blue plastic storage box with several bags in it with a plastic bag that says, \"This is my birthday, weird warehouse \".
Some injuries may have been caused by a screwdriver, others by a kitchen knife.
When asked if Becky would be strangled, the pathologist said there was no evidence to prove this on the grounds that blood spots were not found in her eyes.
The jury was shown a computer-generated reconstruction of Becky\'s head, arm, leg and trunk injuries, BBC reported.
The court heard that Matthews finally admitted to killing Becky, but claimed that he had come up with the idea of going to her house with a stun gun and a mask, gave her a lesson for her way to treat his mother he said it was \"rude \".
He claimed he strangled her after the mask slipped.
The House That Becky Watts was killed was dirty.
Photo source: the bathrooms of Avon and Somerset are spotless.
Photo: Avon and Somerset police resources: because suffocation requires more power, the way to die may be critical to the Royal case.
The royal family claimed that Matthews and horray were motivated by the idea of common sexual infatuation and kidnapping of young girls.
Becky is said to have been hacked in the garbage.
According to The Mirror, Matthews\'s house is packed with toys, games, pictures and household items, with little room to walk in the lounge.
The items were piled up on the cooker and microwave oven, which was placed next to the toilet in the bathroom and was very clean. White bathtub
Police accused Becky of being hacked
The jury heard it.
Detective Simon Wallis said: \"It\'s cleaner than the rest of the house.
The window in the bathroom is open.
The real bathroom itself is clear.
The trial continues.
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