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Be careful with these routines for luggage customization

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
At present, the competition in the luggage industry is very fierce. Some backpack manufacturers have tried their best to obtain orders and gradually evolved into routines. Therefore, when looking for luggage manufacturers, be careful with the routines of some manufacturers. Below, Xilong luggage manufacturers will tell you to be careful about these routines in luggage customization. Let's take a look. 1. The manufacturer said that any kind of luggage can be made. For luggage manufacturers, each manufacturer has its own manufacturing process and style, it is not that all luggage manufacturers can produce and manufacture. Some manufacturers are good at making backpacks and will not make luggage boxes. Some manufacturers are good at making boxes and will not make backpacks, different types of bags and bags all need different production techniques. Therefore, when looking for bags and bags manufacturers, don't blindly believe what the manufacturers say, and choose after knowing the situation. 2. The attractive price with low price is a very important key point in customizing luggage, but when you customize luggage, don't simply focus on the price and ignore the product quality, some manufacturers blindly attract people with low prices, and often discount materials, workmanship and other aspects, so as to achieve the goal of low prices. It is not unreasonable to say that every penny is worth every penny. Since you have chosen custom bags, why choose products of poor quality for the sake of temporary benefits? Therefore, before customizing luggage, a budget test should be conducted on customized items in advance. If the manufacturer's quotation is very low, be vigilant, don't just covet petty gain. 3, pay attention to the delivery period of the luggage customization is a certain period of delivery, the delivery period according to the complexity of the style, the number of changes, before customizing the luggage should pay attention to understand the relevant delivery period in advance, the length of the delivery period can reflect the strength of the manufacturers to a certain extent. Some manufacturers tell the customers how many days they can ship in order to receive the order, but the actual production capacity is not so fast, therefore, when customizing bags and bags, we must pay attention to controlling the delivery date so as not to delay things and safeguard our own interests with the contract when necessary. Is luggage customization still struggling to find a factory? Choose Xilong luggage, the quality of the delivery period is assured, as a benchmark enterprise in Guangdong luggage customization industry, Xilong luggage has been focusing on the production and research and development of backpacks, and is committed to providing valuable luggage customization services!
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