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Basic knowledge of sewing in luggage

by:Xilong      2020-08-22
Line is one of the necessary materials in production. When we are preparing for production, we must first adjust the needle spacing and stitches. The general requirements are: clear, straight, moderate tightness, no throwing and jumping. The surface of the bag body is not allowed to have wiring, especially the boutique bag. Dark line allows wiring, but must be heavy line 7 ~ 10 needles, and it is better to return the needle. According to the requirements of different luggage products, the thread should be selected, and the thread with different colors and specifications should not be used arbitrarily. The following is the specific operation process: first, positioning. It is to fix two or more layers of materials together. Before positioning, we must recognize the positive and negative sides of the materials and the direction of the pattern. Generally, the stop for positioning is 2 ~ 5mm, not too wide, the surface fabric should be flat, not wrinkled, not twisted. There should be no wired head, sundries, dirty spots, etc. in the interlayer, especially those with light color. Second, pour the needle. The needle is to increase the firmness. In addition to the need for the back and forth of the joint, the needle needs to be reversed. In general, the place that needs to bear the weight also needs to come back to the needle, such as the two ends of the joint zipper, the strap, and the pendant loop. The back and forth needle must fall on the same straight line. Third, trademarks. The trademark is the logo of the product. It is not allowed to be sloppy. Before the car, it depends on whether the picture and text of the trademark are clear and whether there is any skew (Including printing label, weaving label, leather label and washing label) , Under normal circumstances, start and close the needle at the bottom of the trademark, and weigh 3 ~ 4 needle and thread, and must be heavy on a straight line. Strictly follow the positioning seam, the material has a positioning hole or a positioning point, and the trademark must cover the point. Printing marks and weaving marks should not have exposed corners or skew when stacking and sewing. Four, joint. Joint is to combine the two layers of fabric together, which is the main process of wrapping. It is required that the stop should be straight and the width should be consistent. The needle should be reversed and the needle should be closed. 2 ~ 3 needles are OK. Five, zipper. The zipper is the most important of all the components on the bag. Its quality must be perfect. The zipper and the zipper head are not allowed to have quality defects. When the chain side is used to store the zipper, the direction of the zipper head cannot be reversed, the spacing between the zipper teeth and the material edge is 3mm, and the stop should be uniform and straight. If you need a double line, the double line should be uniform and straight, and the side material and zipper should be flat, and there should be no waves. Six, surrounded. The appearance of the whole package is inseparable from the surrounding. The connection and enclosure should be aligned with the positioning gap, and the zipper tail cannot be dispersed. If the car needs double lines, the double lines should be uniform and straight. If the enclosure is too long or too short, the closed package will be skewed or wrinkled, in principle, the package must be tried before it is enclosed, and it can be produced if it is suitable. Seven, embedded line. The embedded line is the skeleton of the bag. According to the requirements of different styles of bags, select the embedded line of different materials. The embedded line should be tightly wrapped and the upper and lower ends should be uniform. The embedded line generally requires the embedded line feet to align with the fabric margin, the edge of the embedded line should be straight, the corner is smooth, the rounded corners are round, and the four corners are uniform. The connecting piece with the connecting piece should be centered and close. Eight, bag. The bag is the main process of bag forming. For bags with embedded lines, the bag must be full and cannot eat embedded lines. The size of the surrounding and the bag body should be appropriate. If the surrounding is too large, it will wrinkle. If the surrounding is too small, the bag will be easily deformed and the bag will be crooked. It should be noted that the direction of the zipper head cannot be reversed (Refers to the single zipper head). To distinguish the front and back, the bag is mainly to pay attention to the symmetrical effect, including the front and back, left and right, up and down. Nine, Hemming. The edge is divided into the outer edge and the inner edge, especially the outer edge requires the upper and lower ends to be uniform, straight, wide and narrow, smooth corners, round and round corners, the edge band must cover the bag line, and the fabric on the edge of the edge band cannot wrinkle, there must be no phenomenon of sliding bags or missing bags. For bags with embedded lines, be careful not to eat embedded lines when wrapping inside (Refers to the car to the embedded line). The head of the weaving should be folded or scalded according to the requirements, and the need to turn the receiving head straight back to the needle, and must fall on the same straight line. Ten, torture. The edge of the edge should be uniform and straight, the width is consistent, and the corner is smooth. The Edge line should be copied outside the suture, and the edge of the seam should not be cut off. More information in Xilong bags! Xilong luggage was founded in 2004. It has been based on the luggage customization market for more than 12 years. It has rich experience in customization and production, and its design keeps up with the trend. It has both fashion and personality, and strives to create products with high quality and high quality.
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