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bagging every chance to flaunt style | ludhiana news - times of india

by:Xilong      2019-10-10
LUDHIANA: Shelly Goel of Agar Nagar has a wallet for every occasion and every dress.
Shirley flaunts designer wallets from brands such as Gucci, D & G, Coco Chanel and Armani, laughing and saying that she loves collecting bags because they reveal the number of style quotient of a woman.
\"The wallet that a woman carries with her is like her fashion manifesto, and I like to look always stylish,\" she said . \".
Mother of two teenagers
Yashita, 16, and Nidhish, 13
Shirley likes all kinds of wallets.
\"My collection includes Clutch, luggage bags, hand bags and hand bags, and they also come in a variety of colors.
In addition to the must, there are pink, blue, red, gold and silver
\"The colors are black, brown and white,\" Shirley said . \" He added that the material of the wallet also varies from leather to embroidered fabric.
Shirley is the wife of businessman Rajesh Goel and a housewife who shares her love of bags dating back to her wedding in 1994.
Shirley said: \"When my husband and I started traveling together, I started buying luggage from where we visited.
A good custom backpacks is something I can\'t resist, so I buy one almost every two months, but I still don\'t have enough money.
\"Ask her which one she likes best about her collection, and Shirley thought for a moment before answering that it was cream --
Color pack for D & G
Shirley said about how she decided which dress she was carrying with her, \"I prefer wallets with gold, silver or neutral colors.
I usually carry my wallet in black, red, pink or white.
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