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Bag design form is perfect, must follow the principle

by:Xilong      2020-03-24
Beautiful things generally have a sense of order and unity. The Greeks believed that the unity from Harmony was the main reason of beauty, and only the beauty from Harmony was the unity of diversity. Fechner, a German philosopher, experimental psychologist and physicist, summarized the principles of style beauty into the following nine items: 1. Repetition and alternation. In the bag design, the repeated appearance of the same color and pattern will produce a sense of order and unity. The occurrence of the same element more than twice becomes a means of emphasizing the object, and this means is called repetition. When more than two elements are repeated in turn, it is called alternation. When the interval is too close, the feeling of assimilation will be formed. When the interval is too far, it will appear weak. Therefore, it is necessary to keep this change and contact, attention should be paid to the appropriate distance between repeated intervals. 2. Rhythm, rhythm originally refers to the phenomenon of regular strength and length of music alternating, the rhythm in bag design refers to the visual pleasure generated by the repeated appearance of the same or similar form according to a certain rule. The fashion design with rich sense of rhythm will give people a strong sense of order and beauty of rhythm. The specific performance of the online rhythm, there are length, thickness, virtual, ups and downs, density, straight. Vertical and horizontal etc. The rhythm of the shape, including size, radius, virtual and real, serial, inside and outside, etc. The rhythm of color, including shade contrast, strength contrast, lightness contrast, purity contrast, cold and warm contrast, black and white level contrast, etc. 3. Gradient gradient is an increasing or decreasing change, as long as it changes gradually and periodically according to a certain order. Can show the effect of beauty. The gradual change is mainly manifested in the pattern or color of the fabric and the change of ingredients and colors or sizes. 4, proportion, proportion is to express the same kind of quantity and credit relationship. There is a sense of contrast in comparison. Proportion refers to the ratio of the size and length of an object. It's a word about quantity. If there is no proportion, it will lose harmony and unity. 5. Symmetry symmetry has a formal beauty of uniformity, stability and solemnity. Therefore, clothes and bags in life are mostly symmetrical. In order to overcome the inflexible and stiff disadvantages, the design is symmetrical and slightly changed at the same time. Can add signs and so on. All have the ability to play a regulatory role. 6. Balance, the state in which more than two elements are balanced with each other is called balance. The balance of clothing bags is often in the form of diagonals. That is, the lower left corner echoes the upper right corner. For example, if there is too much decoration in the lower left corner, the weight will feel heavy, and there should be a corresponding factor in the upper right corner to play a stabilizing role. Otherwise, there will be a feeling of side conditions. Balance is generally divided into left and right balance, up and down balance and front and back balance. 7. Contrast, contrast is the basic law of the Associated Press that the composition of clothing styles is vivid and harmonious. Contrast is a high fruit. If used too much. There will be a lack of unity, so we should pursue comparative changes on the premise of unity. Fully grasp the relationship between dominance and subordination. 8. Harmony, harmony is generally divided into morphological harmony and color blending. Morphological harmony is first of all the unity of morphological nature. Such as the form of a circle. At the same time, it appears on the front, side or hand of the bag. The harmony of colors includes the harmony of column colors, monochrome harmony and the harmony on the equivalent color ring. Complementary harmonic and non-complementary harmonic, etc. 9. Domination, subordination and unification the contents expressed by any artwork cannot be average, and there are major parts and minor parts. The major part leads to the change of the minor part, and the minor part foils and foils the major part.
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