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【Bag customization]What are the ways to customize the quotation for schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-05
What are the ways to customize the quotation for schoolbags? There are a lot of ways to customize the price of the bag. The price of the bag may be different from the price of the bag. Below, Xilong bags will tell you what are the ways to customize the bag, let's get to know it. 1, look at the picture quotation, many schoolbag customization customers do not have their own schoolbag model, so they will find the favorite schoolbag style, and then send the schoolbag picture to the manufacturer for quotation, looking at the picture quotation can be carried out. Manufacturers can generally give customers an estimate, but the exact price cannot be given, because looking at the picture quotation cannot determine the material of the schoolbag, some details, etc, in this way, only an approximate price can be estimated to the customer. This price may be very different from the final price of the goods, which is not accurate. Therefore, it is not recommended that the customer use this quotation method. 2. Sample quotation. Sample quotation refers to the case where the customer has a bag model, the customer gives the sample package to the manufacturer, according to the actual situation of the sample package, the manufacturer can make a nuclear price for the material, accessories, size, workmanship and other parts, and then can give the customer a precise price, and the price quoted by the sample is accurate, if there is no other modification to the price of the sample quotation, it is basically the final price of the goods, which also avoids the greater differentiation of the quotation. 3, proofing quotation, this is mainly for customers who do not have a sample package, no sample package manufacturers can not give a precise price, the direct method is proofing quotation, according to the bag picture or design drawing, the manufacturer prints a complete sample so that the final price can be calculated according to the cost of proofing, and the price given by the proofing quotation is also very accurate. Bag customization, please look for Xilong bags! Xilong luggage is a professional custom-made luggage manufacturer, established in 2004, with more than ten years of experience in bag design and production, which can be customized according to drawings or customized brand bags for you, it is your trustworthy schoolbag factory to provide brand schoolbag customization services for major schools all the year round.
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