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【Bag customization]Notes for mass customization of student schoolbags

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
Mass customization of student schoolbags has always been a hot topic in summer luggage customization. The quality of schoolbags purchased on the market is uneven and easily damaged, while customized schoolbags can choose materials, accessories, workmanship, etc. according to customer requirements, the quality of the bags made is relatively guaranteed. Today, Xilong luggage manufacturers will give you a brief introduction to the matters needing attention in mass customization of student schoolbags. Let's take a look. 1. Determine the age stage of the bag users. The main users of the bags are students. However, due to the different ages and physique, the applicable bags are also different in size, when customizing schoolbags, we should consider the differentiated customized schoolbags and customize schoolbags of corresponding sizes according to the average height of students of different grades so as to adapt to the use of students of different ages. 2. Determine the customized style and function of the schoolbag. One of the benefits of the schoolbag customization is that customers can choose the style and function of the customized schoolbag according to their own needs. The specially customized schoolbag is unique, there is absolutely no possibility of hitting the bag. Such a unique bag is more distinctive and can reflect the exclusive characteristics of the customizer. 3. Determine the customized quantity of schoolbags. Many luggage manufacturers have a minimum order quantity for the customized quantity of schoolbags. If the customized quantity cannot be reached, the manufacturer either chooses not to accept the order, either the customized price of a single schoolbag after receiving the order is very high. Therefore, before customizing the schoolbag, attention should be paid to knowing the minimum order quantity of the manufacturer in advance so as to find the right manufacturer. 4. Confirm the customized delivery time of schoolbags. Most of the customized schoolbags will be delivered before the start of the new semester. However, at this stage, it is the peak of all kinds of schoolbags. Many manufacturers have a full list of schoolbags, therefore, before ordering a custom schoolbag, it is necessary to understand clearly in advance the problem of the delivery period, so as not to delay other things when the goods are due. ' Notes for mass customization of student schoolbags' This is the case with the relevant introduction of the. If you still have any questions you don't know, you can consult the Xilong luggage manufacturer online at any time. The student's schoolbags are customized in batches, and the Xilong luggage manufacturer is worth choosing. Xilong luggage has many years of experience in bag customization and provides bag customization services for various schools and gift institutions all the year round, all the schoolbag products produced conform to QB/T1333- 2018 standard, visible strength, service, trustworthy.
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