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【Bag customization]How long can the customized schoolbag be shipped?

by:Xilong      2020-03-30
The length of delivery time for schoolbag customization is a concern of many customers, especially in the peak stage of summer schoolbag customization, many manufacturers have concentrated arrangement of schoolbag customization, many customers are worried about whether their customized schoolbags can get the goods before school starts. So, how long can the schoolbag be shipped? Let's listen to what Xilong bags often say. How long the schoolbag can be shipped is mainly determined by the following factors: 1. The number of schoolbags customized. Generally speaking, the more schoolbags customized, the longer the time required. On the contrary, the time required is shorter, but this quantity and time problem is also directly related to the size of the factory. The larger the factory size, the more people there are, the shorter the time required to customize the schoolbag. On the contrary, if there are only five or six small processing plants, even if only a few hundred bags, it is estimated that the delivery time will be more than ten or twenty days. 2, the complexity of the bag customization style, the more complex the bag customization style, the more technology required for production, once the process is complicated, it is the most time-consuming, if you want to shorten the time for goods, the style of customized schoolbags cannot be too complicated. 3. Whether the customized materials for schoolbags are special or not, some materials required for customized schoolbags are very special. If there is no sales on the market or the spot quantity is not enough, the overall time required will be increased, because the fastest time for customizing materials is about a week or even longer, the custom delivery time for schoolbags is increased from the source. Custom schoolbags, please look for Xilong luggage manufacturers, Xilong luggage professional custom children's schoolbags, children's backpacks, primary school schoolbags, trolley schoolbags, etc, we have customized student schoolbags for well-known institutions such as excellent education, Qiqu composition, US-China science and technology education, Tsinghua Experimental School, etc. The high quality has also been recognized and supported by customers from all sides, welcome to inquire!
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