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【Backpack customization] What are the requirements of backpack manufacturers for backpack customization?

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
Backpack customization is a kind of personalized luggage customization that is deeply favored by customers. When it comes to backpack customization, backpack manufacturers are the key steps. After all, the strength of manufacturers is directly related to the quality of backpack customization final products, today, Xilong bags will tell you what requirements backpack manufacturers have for backpack customization. Let's learn about it. 1. With or without sample bags, the strength of backpack manufacturers is high and low. There are numerous luggage manufacturers in our country, but there are not many manufacturers with development design, proofing confirmation and production, many manufacturers have the ability to make goods, but they do not have the ability to develop and design. Therefore, before customizing the backpack, the manufacturers usually ask if the customer has a sample package, timely confirm whether you have the ability to carry out corresponding production customization. 2. Customized backpacks should conform to the manufacturer's specialty. Although there are many various luggage manufacturers in our country, each luggage factory has its own specialty. Some manufacturers are good at making cloth backpacks, some manufacturers are good at making leather backpacks, and the backpack manufacturing technology varies greatly due to different materials. Therefore, before customizing backpacks, if you look for manufacturers, you must be targeted, find manufacturers related to customized materials and customize backpacks in the fields that manufacturers are good at, so that the quality of backpacks can be guaranteed. 3. It is very critical that the minimum order quantity should reach the minimum order quantity. In order to save costs, many backpack manufacturers will have the minimum order quantity regulation. If the customer's customized quantity is less than the manufacturer's regulation, most manufacturers will choose not to accept orders. To know a list, the manufacturer should prepare proofing, purchase of fabrics and accessories, production of large goods, etc. The process and process during this period are very complicated, even if the number of customizations is relatively small, however, the time and energy spent have not decreased with the decrease in quantity. In contrast, the overall production cost of the manufacturer is not cost-effective. Therefore, the manufacturer will choose not to accept the order considering the cost. Therefore, if you customize your backpack, you should find out the minimum order quantity of the manufacturer in advance so as not to waste time. Backpack customization looking for manufacturers, may wish to find Xilong luggage manufacturers, Xilong luggage is a professional manufacturer of luggage wholesale customization, with professional and strong design, printing, production team, we can provide services such as drawing and sample processing, design customization and so on according to customer's requirements. Xilong backpack has been focusing on backpack customization for 15 years and has a strong designer team, as well as having perennial cooperative relations with well-known domestic enterprises, including Baidu, Home Link, Huawei, TCL, Sinopec, etc. Therefore, choosing a custom-made manufacturer for shoulder computer bags, Xilong backpack is a manufacturer worth considering and choosing.
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