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awakening the giant

by:Xilong      2019-08-17
You remember that picture. Y. A.
Tittle knelt in the last area after throwing an interception that was returned for touchdown scores.
His swollen hand on his thigh pad, his eyes fixed on the grass, he had no helmet, his head bleeding, a black stream winding on his face, and the other curled near his ears.
His shoulder pad made him look hunched, resigned and collapsed. The black-and-
In 1964, the last year of Tittle\'s career, a white photo was taken.
It hangs in the silver frame of his home in Atherton, California, and does not fit one of the most iconic photos in sports history, but is lost in many memorabilia of the Hall of Fame career.
This picture is now 50 years old and Tittle is now 87 years old.
He can\'t remember anything, but the picture was scorched in his mind.
He called it the blood elephant \". He hates it.
He remembers a place. It is in Texas.
On the morning of December, he sat on the sofa and looked over the album.
His breathing was hard.
He has fluid in his lungs.
Regardless of waist circumference, Tittle now doesn\'t look much different from when he was playing: bald, high cheekbones, blue eyes glowing from the deep eye socket, ears that haven\'t grown yet.
His skin is raw and flaky, and when he wipes a patch on his head, a familiar blood sometimes flows down.
He shared his big house with all his houses.
Time helper, a saint of a woman named Anna.
His daughter, Dianne de Laet, sits near him, leaning over as he touches every yellow picture.
\"It was Marshall High School! \" Y. A.
He pointed to photos of himself wearing football suits, long sleeves and leather helmets that he had worn a long time ago. That takes Y. A.
He returned to his hometown of Marshall, Texas, near the border with Luis Anna.
On Friday night at the town square, \"I\'ll be with a girl if I\'m lucky.
Brown pig sandwich from Neely\'s barbecue.
Football is always football.
During the 1943 season, Marshall High School ran 200 miles to play Waco, ranking second in the state, he said.
The Mavericks got rid of their frustration, and on the couch he recited the beginning of the newspaper story: \"The Marshall Mavericks challenge roar from the pine forest in East Texas, led by a tall, thin red hair with a magical name: yeburton Abraham Tater.
\"He was a little embarrassed when he said his full name.
When he was a teenager, he simplified it to the first letter and later became a legend.
Remembering his days in Texas seems to have given him a young spirit, which is why Dianne gave him this album today.
But then he turned to a picture of himself during his time at the University of Louis Anna and something slipped away.
\"Where did you get these photos from?
He said to Diana.
\"I have never seen them.
\"Of course, she knew he had seen these pictures many times.
There were even people hanging out in his house.
Dianne, 64, a pair of blue eyes sparkled from her face trying to shade the sun, and it was hard for her to see the joy of new discoveries from every old photo.
She felt lost for her father and for himself ---
Until something stirs it up.
When Y. A.
He mentioned that his phone had been surprisingly quiet considering there were still a few days before Christmas.
He suddenly realized that he had not heard from his best friend in high school.
\"I don\'t think Albert is dead, do I? \" he says.
\"He\'s dead,\" said Dean, who had to repeat the news over and over again.
He died a few months ago.
\"Oh, yes, yes.
He is such a good friend. \"\"Jim Cason\" --Y. A.
Best friends in the NFL--
\"It also died about a month ago,\" Dianne said . \".
\"You said Jim Carson was dead too? \"\"He\'s gone. \"\"Damn,\" Y. A.
Say, close the album.
\"You are the last leaf on the tree,\" said Diana.
She remembers her father.
He is not such a person now.
A few years ago, doctors diagnosed dementia.
Friends always ask Diana if his situation is related to football.
She can\'t be sure, but thinks he\'s just getting old.
In the past year, Y. A.
The memory ring is tightened like a lasso.
He repeats himself every minute.
It left behind a football legend whose speech event once took him around the country and was unable to have a normal conversation, limited to a few topics: his late wife, Minnette;
His four children, seven grandchildren and five greatgrandchildren; football;
The hope of drinking vodka at 5 every day is dashed. m. ;
Most importantly, his hometown is Marshall, Texas.
Anyone familiar with Tittle\'s football career knows that it should not be the case.
His body should collapse, not his mind.
He became famous when he was 17. year career --
As a substitute for the pony team, as a star of the 49ers team, as a legend of the Giants ---
Not only play in pain, but also remain witty in the face of great losses.
But Dianne watched her father go backwards in inches, and in the day-to-day visits to the house near her, she was too small to notice, but it was devastating given their overall situation.
\"I didn\'t lose him,\" she said . \"
\"But I\'m going to lose him.
She still believes ---hopes --
The father she knew all her life lived somewhere inside and was tied together waiting to be released.
The man popped up, mainly when he talked about his 27-year party in a row at a house on the Caddo Lake coast, 20 minutes northeast of Marshall.
The start was for Tittle\'s former teammates to experience the taste of East Texas, and later evolved into an annual event, a spring ceremony, when the sun sets, friends at every stage of his life sat on the porch, drinking beer, eating a barbecue, playing a guitar, singing roaring country songs, and as the cooler emptied, the night dropped to the morning, it becomes more complicated to listen to the yarn of the owner.
The golden rule of his storytelling: \"lie and tell the truth.
\"Y when people are lucky to fall in bed. A.
Orders will be issued: fishing at the dock at 7. m.
They will be there all the time with black coffee in their hands. Y. A.
Usually oversleep.
Even now, the party was never far away from his thoughts.
In December, as prompted, expectations for hosting 28 years spread to Y. A.
\"We have to do this,\" he said to Diana . \". She is wary.
Most of his teammates are dead.
The prospect of several widow\'s dejected father around her confused seems terrible.
But in California, when his memory disappeared, he spent his day in a TV room in an oversized house.
Perhaps, she wants to know that his memory can be restored briefly in Marshall.
Maybe geography can surpass disease.
\"We\'re leaving,\" Dianne said . \"
DIANNE wants her to give her dad the kind of miracle he once gave her. On Dec.
1949, in Houston, Y. A.
In a charity football match, a strange feeling suddenly told him to go home.
He took a four-hour ride to his home in Marshall. The next morning, Minnett, who was pregnant with his first child, was covered with blood.
She had early placenta peeling and bleeding.
Minnette was rushed to hospital.
Men were not allowed in the delivery room at the time, so Y. A.
Desperate slammed the door and was eager for any update.
Minnette survived.
Their child, a little girl, walked so long with too little oxygen, and the doctor announced on her birth certificate that she had died.
But the doctor was wrong.
Diane is alive. -
In the hands of her father, she trembled.
So Dianne is Y of all the Tittle kids. A.
Now it\'s called my quarterback\"
I did what she said.
In a family of athletes, she often exercises.
Allergic reaction--
Potential fatal allergic reactions caused by physical activity.
Nevertheless, she is hopelessly trying to establish contact with her father.
She watched all his games, studied them, and looked for the inspiration of football for him.
Fans think he is a bigger star than life.
She thinks he\'s human. -
A target on the battlefield, a hero limping at home. Y. A.
Trying to establish contact with her by ironing her daughter\'s clothes but deep inside, he is the kind of father who has a different affection for fragments or short and thick toes, if not one of his sons is present, he can\'t talk about football.
It\'s not easy for a country boy from Texas to raise a beautiful teenage daughter in his 1960 s.
He initially disapproved of her marriage to hippie boyfriend Steve de Wright she met at the University of Colorado.
He initially disagreed with her decision to become a poet and a harp.
\"The only Safo I know is for the Green Bay Packers,\" he likes to say . \".
In 1981, Dianne ran a marathon, and when her allergies started to fight her from inside, her mouth hardened and her skin swollen, she thought about how her dad was always-
Even through the blood-
She\'s done.
At a family party a year later, Diana said, \"Dad, sit down.
I\'m going to do something for you with a harp.
After she recited one of her original poemsA.
\"What Greek is that?
\"Dad, this is called\" hero \'.
It\'s about you.
\"Dianne has initially planned the annual parade party, but Y. A.
His health may prevent him from flying. In January, Y. A.
The breath was so bad that he thought he was dying.
\"That\'s it,\" he told Diane . \"
He was put in oxygen.
But for months he had daily conversations with his \"little brother\" Tang-he\'s 84 --Y. A.
Asked hundreds of times when they were going to Lake Cado.
Finally, Dianne booked the party on the last Friday of April, but a few days before they left, Y. A.
Got bronchitis.
They flew to Dallas anyway.
During the flight, he fell down due to lack of oxygen.
The passenger must help him to leave the floor.
The whole trip seems like a bad idea.
But Don picked up Diana Y. A.
Anna was at the airport. they drove three hours east.
To the end of a long country road, where a white house emerged from the blooming dog Woods.
A sign says: BAYOU country EST in tittle.
\"It\'s amazing,\" Y. A. says.
They spent the afternoon on the back porch, staring at the lake.
The breeze passed.
The condensation of cold beer rang on their table.
Dianne was eager to flash his memory, but he seemed to get worse.
He said this more than a dozen times an hour: \"I grew up in Marshall, Texas.
I went to Marshall High School. -
Marshall Mavericks
I go to LSU to play football so I can get closer to my brother Jack who plays in Turan. He was my hero.
\"He yelled at Anna, brought him a glass of vodka, and made a few rough jokes, as if going home and porting him to his teens.
This is too much for Diana.
She went to the dock and stared at the muddy water.
Obviously, there will be no magic in this trip.
\"His memory disappeared as if she needed to confirm it to herself,\" she said.
The party seems to be an imminent disaster.
One of his few high school teammates failed.
Her brothers can\'t attend.
She has no energy and patience and she feels guilty about both.
Her eyes became dull.
Something more dangerous than a party.
\"You are witnessing a family tragedy,\" she said . \"
The lake seemed to calm her down as if she had been here dozens of times as a child.
Soon, she will remember the little moments that made her smile today.
Lunch time at Neely BBQ-
Almost the same old Marshall staple as Y. A. is --
Everyone stopped and stared.
The waitress wants a photo.
The two teenagers approached him and called him Sir. Tittle. Y. A.
Sit with them on a brown pig sandwich and talk about their football career, not his.
When it\'s time to leave, Y. A.
Reach for his wallet. -
He always pays. -
But the boys have already got the bill. It gave Y. A.
It was a brief moment of honor, and it gave Diana a brief moment of comfort.
She sometimes forgets that he is still a sports idol, even though she protects him more than ever before.
Now it\'s dark, mosquitoes are fierce.
Diane went home. Y. A.
Slowly flowing wood from the porch.
He sat on the sofa panting like a roar.
It was a long day.
\"Are you still breathing? \" Don asks.
\"I\'m still breathing,\" Y. A. says. Y. A.
Most of the night he coughed so badly that in the morning he was exhausted and hissed.
But he has enough energy to venture into Marshall and look at his childhood, perhaps the last.
In the passenger seat of an SUV, he seemed to be more alert and guided Diana through the suburbs as if he had never left.
They drove a mile along a thin, sleepy road, over a hill ---
He often walks in the dark after football training. -
Until they reached a place full of grass, it was deserted except for the broken foundation of the brick house burned down a few years ago.
There is a sign of no intrusion on the tree. \"Here,\" Y. A. says.
\"I grew up here.
They parked their car on the lawn.
A person who came over from a nearby porch took a suspicious look and then turned and left.
\"This reminds me of a lot of memories . \"A. says.
Diana was sitting in the car waiting to hear stories she had heard many times.
He once told her that there were hundreds of shrubs in the yard, and in 1936, the Y, who was only 10 years old. A.
I pretended to be Sammy Bao, took a shot, rolled to the right and threw it to them.
\"They are my receivers,\" he said . \"
The ball will fall in the bush and he will run into the bush and throw it into another Bush and throw it for hours ---Complete! Twenty-five yards! Touchdown! --
Fight asthma, avoid snakes by being allergic to grass, and if he misses two bushes in a row, he gets sick of himself and is obsessed with spinning a ball well for a long time.
After his father Abe came home from his work at the post office, his yard was destroyed and he was very angry. But Y. A. couldn\'t stop.
Nothing makes him feel so alive.
Quiet in the car.
\"It\'s a little sad for me,\" Y. A. says. Seconds pass.
\"Dianne, how will we deal with this property? \" he says.
\"Dad,\" she said, trying to keep herself from tearing, \"This is what a young woman has. Again, silence.
As Dianne slowly drove the car away, she said, \"This is probably the last time we \'ve come here. \"Soon after, Y. A.
His sadness seems to have gone from his mind like a bad throw.
He instructed Diana to pass through the cemetery where his parents were resting, and through the old grocery store in Harrison County Court, to come to a brick house.
\"This is the old Marshall Mavericks High School . \"A. says.
Diane slows down, Y. A.
I don\'t want to stop.
He told her to turn right, then turn left, until she stopped by the park, surrounded and covered her head.
\"This is the old football field,\" he said . \"
Diana stepped on the brakes.
\"Dad, I got it.
\"She jumped down from the SUV, jumped past the man sitting in the car drinking brown paper bags, jumped past the rusty door, the lock on the door broke, the stairs looked at a rough field she had never seen before.
\"Wow,\" she said.
She took off her shoes.
She needs to run.
She attributed her life to this field.
Where her parents first made their eyes-
It was in the City Square--
But they fell in love here.
Before he graduated from high school. A.
Gave Minnette a bracelet with their initials on it.
He went to LSU and she went to the University of Arkansas and put their relationship on hold. As a senior, Y. A.
A reporter asked him what he was going to do after graduation.
\"Marry my high school lover and play professional football,\" he said . \"
Minnette\'s boyfriend was unhappy at the time.
A few months later, she and Y. A. were married.
The train roared past.
Dianne reaches the finish line and taps the rusty post with knuckles.
She stood with her hands on her hips, and tears and sweat wet her face. . . Y. A.
Whistle, ready to leave.
Dianne took a last look, climbed up the car and filled her chest with adrenaline.
Her dad did something rare before she turned the key: he started singing.
When those old Marshall people are in line, we will win in another match.
For the dear old school we love so much, we will fight, give them all the hell! She is in awe.
She has been asking her why she wants the trip since she landed.
Is it for her father? For her?
Is it a dream of fantasy?
In the end, she was at a completely different moment.
Two blocks later, Y. A.
He said, \"Are we at old Marshall Mavericks High School?
\"Outside the house that afternoon, an electrical worker approached Y. A.
When he came out of the car
\"I know who you are,\" he said . \"\"Y. A. Tittle.
New York Giants.
You\'re a baaaaad boy!
\"Well, thank you,\" Y. A. says.
A few minutes later, on the sofa, he opened a dusty album to celebrate the Giants.
He presented each page slowly, back-to-back, to the past.
Legend passed on to the days of Gifford, Harf and tittle in the middle of the last century, a team of Hall of Fame members known for losing the title on the Yankees-
They share a stadium, a city and many rounds of drinks with them--
Known for winning them. Y. A.
Stop in a black one. and-
A man stood alone on the ground covered in mud, a white picture.
\"That\'s me,\" he said . \"It\'s from 1963.
The same year of Y. A.
At the age of 37, 36 touchdowns broke the NFL record.
But he suffered a knee injury in the game against Chicago and shot five interceptions.
It was his third consecutive defeat in the Championship, marking the end of his career.
For years, he has been a rare Untitled quarterback in the Hall of Fame. It hurt.
He always covers this up by making fun of himself and joking about the weather during the tournament.
But the last loss to the bears was the worst day of his career: cold, painful, violent.
It marks him even today.
He will never forget the game.
He turned to a page dedicated to the best performance of his career, against?
The Reds scored seven touchdowns in a game in 1962.
\"I don\'t know how good I am,\" he said . \"Y. A.
He often talks about how he misses football.
He missed friendship and vodka sake and said, \"We did it.
As Dianne likes to say, this game is his \"emotional home\" and he is \"homesick\" after the retirement of Atherton \". \" Y. A.
Minnette fought a lot in those early days of emptiness, trying to adapt to the new reality;
Diana once yelled at them so much that she stopped arguing that she had lost her voice. Y. A.
Over the next few decades, he ran an insurance company, gave a speech and informally advised the quarterback.
He developed real estate in the Bay Area, made a lot of money, traveled around the world and bought houses all over the country.
He buried his brother, his sister, his wife and one of his sons.
As the emptiness in his life piled up, the party at Lake Cado became more important.
Dianne believes that her father is noble every year to try to host the competition in the way he once won the championship.
Every party is a victory.
That\'s why she hates blood pictures too.
The failed image of the world\'s dealings with her father is not like the man she worships from an early age, and the man she desperately wants is still in the current man, eager for what she calls the last \"victory moment \". \"Y. A.
Close the giant book and family members enter the room.
Everyone wants to have dinner at the Longwood general store at the roadside steakhouse tonight.
At that time, it was one of Y. A.
Favorite joints
He doesn\'t want to go now.
He pointed outside and said, \"We ran 3,500 miles to see this . \"
\"We had a vodka by the lake. Why leave?
Anna pushed him out of the door.
But his circle of memories is starting again. Why leave?
He refused to get on the bus.
The family tied his seat belt and hoped that the inevitable atmosphere would convince him.
But now he has to use the bathroom.
Then his memory cycle began again, and he made his old argument by being sure it was new.
The family is exhausted.
One of the most painful aspects of dementia is that it not only takes away people\'s lives. A.
With regard to memory and identity, as Dianne says, it takes away his \"ability to be happy \".
\"Five minutes later, Y. A. relents.
This restaurant is a small shed in the United States with a crocodile specimen and an old brand. it takes 25 cents to take a bath, which is the kind of place to evoke some memories.
The family ordered steak and beer. Y. A.
Ordered catfish and a glass of milk and barely spoke all night. IT\'S FRIDAY. Party time.
Dianne is under a lot of pressure and busy preparing. Y. A.
I also felt a lot of pressure and realized that what he was very concerned about was beyond his control.
\"Diana,\" he said, \"did you make a list of guests? \"\"No.
\"What kind of party has no guest list?
\"The fact is she doesn\'t want to do that.
She doesn\'t know who\'s coming yet. But one of Y. A.
Old friends after 90year-
The old woman named Peggy helped spread the word. And at 5 p. m.
On a sunny and warm night, guests arrived in groups ---
Mainly friends of neighbors and family. Y. A.
Sharp, dressed in a navy coat, greeted everyone at the kitchen table.
It\'s hard to say if he remembers any faces, if not names.
The party expanded to about 50 people.
Dianne left her dad\'s side, met old friends and relived her own memories. A white-
Hair male close to YA.
He said: \"I know every game you played, what you did, who you played. \"\"Oh yeah? \" Y. A. says. He hands Y. A.
A Marshall News Messenger from Singapore. 30, 1943. Y. A.
Open the fragile newspaper and scan the list of the Mavericks until he sees yeburton Abraham Tater.
He shook his head.
\"My name is the worst in the world,\" he said . \"
The party moved to the porch, Y. A.
Sit in front of the Guitar Trio and tap his feet.
Every few minutes he repeats an idea as if he had just thought of it.
He asked for \"on the road\" over and over again, and the band acquiesced most of the time.
Between the songs, his friends told them some of their favorite songs. A. stories.
About how he used to pretend to be injured to avoid losing in tennis.
He was punished for refusing to cede the game call to the head coach.
How he used to convince the referee not to throw the flag, but to expel the coach. Y. A.
Laugh occasionally, but mainly stare at the lake. Midnight nears.
People leave one by one and kiss Y. A.
My head said, \"God bless you.
He thumbs up.
The only photo signature he brought to people ---
Of course it\'s a picture of blood. -
Sign his name neatly on his white shoulder: Y. A. Tittle HOF \'71.
An obvious ending lingered as if everyone knew it might be the last time they saw him.
The musicians moved into the living room. Y. A.
Let him get everything closer to them, and 1 feet of them barely shuffle in front of others.
He coughed on the sofa.
It\'s past his bedtime.
About six people left. Y. A.
Take his water.
Drink vodka, but not drink, and sing along with country songs.
Then someone plays the beginning chord of \"amazing elegance. \"\"Oh god,\" Y. A. says.
His face turned red as if he had dyed water.
His eyes were red and wet.
His breath became deep and heavy.
He took his left fist and put the drink down, and soon both hands pressed on his face.
Memory is boiling.
Only he knows what they will disappear soon.
The only thing clear is Y. A.
Finally complete.
He opened his mouth but could not speak.
He stared at the ground, his face was smooth and wet, and began to talk in his mouth. I used to be lost, but now I am found.
It felt a little different the next morning. Y. A.
Sit in the recliner, warm your legs with a blanket and hold coffee.
The sun lit up the room.
Diana and Anna leaned against the counter.
Diana\'s husband Tang and Steve are sitting on the sofa.
They were all tired and hoarse.
But they were huddled in some kind of surprise. Y. A.
It tells the story that was told before but now looks sweeter.
\"Dad, tell the story of the snake . \"
\"We saw a big snake . \"A. begins.
\"This was 10 or 15 years ago.
Just outside.
We were scared to death.
I told everyone to go back. I get a hoe.
I strolled behind it and hit it.
I\'m protecting my family.
Finally, it turned over.
I looked at it and it said \"made in Japan \". \'\" ?
Everyone laughs. Y. A. is on a roll.
He\'s trying--too hard --
To convince everyone that as a single man, he rarely uses his fame for the fun of any back seat.
\"Sometimes I get a kiss,\" he said . \"
Just then Anna brought a plate full of Y. A.
Connecting him with the reality of the present. \"Anna! \" Y. A. says.
\"I threw a bunch of lies here and got away with it ---
Until you brought these pills.
\"For at least a moment, no one is looking for a glimpse of Y. A.
The past is not bad at all.
They enjoyed him very much.
A few minutes later, Dianne proudly watched him go to the door and waved for any help.
\"I can go anywhere,\" he said . \"
\"I can run anywhere.
\"I can also play football.
\"The next day, Diana, Anna and Y. A.
Board their 6am.
Flights back to San Francisco
The tornado is destroying the area.
Dianne is preparing for another difficult trip. Y. A.
Her cough seemed to be worse, and Dean knew that her father would soon forget the party.
Yesterday afternoon, the discussion turned to the plan for the evening. Y. A.
\"Our guys are coming to the party, right?
\"When she heard Dianne\'s face, a little color on her face disappeared.
But when the plane took off smoothly, the storm passed. In the air, Y. A.
Breathe easily.
No oxygen is needed.
When they returned to California, he said to Diana, \"It was the best trip I had to go home.
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