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At the end of the year, the size of the backpack is purchased

by:Xilong      2020-03-29
Enterprises will also notice the size when purchasing backpacks. In fact, the size of the backpack is determined according to the length of the back of the human body and has little to do with the height of the person. Many people are concerned about the brand and price of backpacks, and always ignore the purchase of backpacks. 'Fit'. The size of the general backpack is: large 【Size] : 32x 19x 50 medium 【Size] : 31*15*48cm trumpet ,【Size] : 30*12*45 size is determined by the length of the back of men and women, and also according to the number of items that need to be carried in outdoor activities. If the enterprise wants to choose a group trip for one to two days, customize a 45-litre backpack, which can be used for two days to change daily necessities such as laundry and toiletries. In addition, enterprises should pay attention to the fact that such backpacks cannot be selected: 1. The carrying is too soft, resulting in the weight being basically concentrated on the shoulder and the waist not being stressed; 2. The backpack is easy to change, and the top cover often slips down. 3. The external connection is not strong enough, and I have a 3. 5kg square meters of tents, the connection is often disconnected, the end of the year will come, enterprises have also prepared employee benefits. The enterprise customizes a travel backpack as the employee welfare at the end of the year, which can not only take into account the employee's travel storage at the end of the year, but also bring convenience and practical benefits to the employees, and in this activity of customizing backpacks and benefiting employees, the publicity of the enterprise brand was also strengthened.
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