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As Maharashtra\'s plastic ban begins, here are some eco-friendly products you can use

by:Xilong      2019-08-16
There are a lot of options from disposable cutlery to metal straws, although there may be some time before you press the pause button for plastic use in Mumbai, and you can start to stop using these products step by step.
Because there are a lot of people talking about the harmful effects of being single.
Using plastic essentials, those who can\'t do without bags, cutlery and straws can look at the environment --
Friendly choice.
Here are a few ideas. . . A Mumbai-
Non-governmental organizations of the Aasra Foundation have launched vegetable shopping bags.
It has a total of six pockets, four of which can hold up to a kilo of weight.
Two pockets up to halfa-kilo.
The price is RS 120 (
Plus freight)
Made of pure thick cotton, it is specially tailored for your daily groceries and can easily accommodate vegetables of about 8 to 10 kilograms.
You can contact the Aasra Foundation at 9322847496.
You can choose the four straight stainless steel reusable straws available online.
It also comes with a cleaning brush so you don\'t have to worry about bacteria.
For the cooler option, you may need contact from the US as you have to have a friend ship the final straw to you.
It is foldable and fits the keychain.
A set of four straws is about 350 rupees. It\'s been two times. and-half-year-
The old journey to Mumbai is over.
The Parin and the apeksa Harria.
Boxwood, their joint venture, encourages people to adopt ecology.
Friendly Lifestyle good plastic garbage.
Parin said, \"the proposal to ban plastic bags has aroused interest in the ecological environment.
Friendly products. Single-
Using plastic is one of the biggest problems facing our oceans.
Huang Yang has already started selling ecological products.
It is also planned to produce disposable biodegradable paper straws by the end of July.
There are two kinds of plates, bowls and spoons --Areca (a planet-
Friendly alternatives that can replace the plastic produced from the fallen areca palm leaves, which makes them biodegradable)and Bagasse (
Residual fiber residue after juice extraction from sugar cane).
You have to pay Rs 54 for 10 Areca plates, the price of the spoon is RS 3 per piece, and the price of a set of 10 large bowls is Rs 44.
The price of four partitions of sugar cane is 80 rupees, while the price of five compartments is 85 rupees.
If you have been thinking about how you will deal with garbage without plastic bags, here is an ecosystemFriendly choice.
GreenBUG in Bengaluru
The company, founded by Arun Balachandran, has launched paper
Replace the existing plastic bin liner.
By choosing these, you will not only do your part for the environment, but also contribute to businesses that support the employment of low-income womenIncome families.
The 75 bin liners available online will cost you Rs 400.
Huang Yang, and www. greenmylife.
Here, provide you with ecology
Choose friendly stationery.
Both organizations have pencils, and there are seeds at one end of the pencil, which can be planted after use.
Huang Yang also sells pencils made of recycled newspapers.
Insert newspaper paper into the machine, the machine quickly apply glue, roll the paper tightly around the lead and compress it.
These pencils can then be used.
Those who worry about cutting down trees to create an ecological environment
These products are available for friendly products.
Gift seed paper is handmade with seeds inside.
You can use it to make souvenirs, wedding invitations, envelopes, party invitations, thank you letters, gift wrapping paper, children\'s drawing paper, etc.
You can buy the product on www. theboxwood. in and www. greenmylife. in.
Besides letting people use the ecosystem
Friendly products from Auckland supermarket New World Howick are trying out a project that requires customers to bring back New fresh meat and seafood with reusable containers.
You can also tip. .
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