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article 6 ‐‐ no title

by:Xilong      2019-09-03
On June 5, 1977, this was a digital version of an article in The Times Print File, before it began to be published online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
Please send a report of such issues to archid_feedback @ nytimes. com.
Mix it fully, weigh 55 capsules at a time, and then carefully place it in a glass envelope.
Each of these envelopes will be sold on the street for $70.
Considering that 10 kilograms of heroin were diluted one night, it was an overnight task.
Once the cut is completed, a call is received by pre-arranging the Waiting \"salesman\" or \"staff.
They arrived at the apartment in a gypsy taxi with shopping bags in their hands.
There is money in the bag, a lot of money.
They used the money in exchange for glass envelopes that cut heroin known as \"scrambled eggs.
\"They went back to the waiting taxi and sent heroin to a local store: a candy shop, a bar, a luncheon, maybe on C Avenue or Delancey Street, or somewhere in the village
There, the people on the street handed it out to the addict, usually after the heroin was cut off again by Milkin in the apartment, the woman\'s clothes, in 16 hours of work, each person can earn $500 to $1,000 and then go to their home or work directly.
In these 16 hours, 10 kilograms of pure heroin are usually purchased from wholesalers for $150,000 by a trusted representative of one of the major drug dealers in New York City ($15,000 a kilo)
Worth about $630,000.
For dealers, the cost of the evening is approximately $170,000, including cash costs for women and their apartment guardians.
As a result, dealers have cleaned up profits of about $460,000all in cash—
In his actions to fund, approve and arrange, but he has no physical part.
Advertising there are very few drug dealers in cities or countries that can operate at levels that involve so much cash. Leroy (Nicky)
According to the New York City Police Department intelligence agency, its special investigative arm, the federal drug law enforcement authority and unified intelligence, Barnes, 44, is one of those dealers, the Federal Local Crime Information Center in Manhattan, federal and local police.
Barnes ement is one of the country\'s largest heroin dealers, police said.
At his base camp, Harlem, New York City\'s drug traffic center, he is thought to be probably the biggest.
But he\'s more than that.
For the police, the drug community, and the sub-cultures associated with Shangcheng drugs, Nikki Barnes is a current legend.
His appearance, both in the street and in his rounds, attracted people\'s attention;
His name itself is in awe because he spit in your eyes and the flamboyant lifestyle is seen by street people as Barnes\'s attack on the officialdom.
Moreover, since 1973, he has not been convicted of any charges against him by law enforcement authorities.
The jury acquitted him.
Because of the propaganda attached to the arrest, court cases are often poorly studied or prosecuted too early and often dismissed on appeal.
Due to poor police procedures, evidence that is considered to be airtight is prohibited.
This is not unusual in drug cases, or in the numbers that drug investigators call \"the main violator.
Often, the anxiety of arresting and imprison a major dealer accused can lead the prosecutor to rush to court with cases of lack of proper development.
Dissatisfied law enforcement authorities feel this rush, excessive awareness of public pressure, and the combination that prosecutors want to name themselves by imprison a person with the charm of the underworld, led to the failure of Nikki Barnes to go to jail.
On the other hand, Barnes\'s lawyers insist that Barnes is an unfair target for police and prosecutors to \"want to score.
\"For whatever reason, no arrest stick has given Barnes the name of the Street \". Untouchable.
He is not a retired man.
He is medium in height and is larger than his size.
He has developed muscles and has been shaving for several years recently.
He likes luxurious cars and exquisite custom clothes.
He is a presence for the people on the street.
For the police, this symbolic quality is as important as the crime they accused him.
For them, he embodies a new trend in drug trafficking in which new ethnic successors of organized crime, black and Hispanic, take over from their former Italian street gangsters.
Nikki Barnes is also important to the federal government, which is trying to put him in jail, something the city\'s police have been unable to do recently.
On March 16, Barnes and 17 others, including five men close to him, were indicted by the federal government on suspicion of involvement in a huge heroic trafficking plot.
Five days later, President Carter noticed the arrests in a letter to Peter bensingh, who wrote: \"I congratulate you on the culmination of your investigation at the drug law enforcement authority in New York, this led to an important arrest on Wednesday. \".
Then, after noting that the arrested person will be tried, either found guilty or acquitted, he wrote that he would like to thank all law enforcement officers for being \"tireless \", the time they spend to end heroin trafficking at home and abroad is often dangerous.
This is the first time that the US president has noticed Nikki Barnes.
He had a record of 13 arrests dating back to 1950, when he was 18 years old.
For more than a decade, police have called him \"a major drug offender \".
They investigated him and bugged the phone in several of his apartments.
He\'s been under surveillance.
At one point, 24 hours a day for eight consecutive months.
He was arrested for drug violations, bribery of police officers and murder.
His current federal indictment has accused him of conspiring to violate drug laws and is the leader of a \"criminal enterprise\" of five people that constitutes drug sales.
He may have the most files in the Archives of the Police Department\'s intelligence department, a file full of allegations, assumptions, countless monitoring results, as well as confidential reports from street informants, rumors.
On one occasion, his file was named \"Slick operation \".
\"The Archives of the unified intelligence service are also rich, and only this agency has published the so-called Blue Book of crimes \".
Barnes was included in the list of \"Black main violators.
But he can also be found in the file marked \"Italy\'s main offender --
This may be an endorsement of Barnes\'s reported link to Italian drug sources, it is also a work of his alleged love for his model after his concept of organized crime-Italian style.
Thus, these documents not only cover the acquaintance of the late mob Joey Gallo, who Barnes is said to have seen during his 1965 stay at Greenhaven Prison, it also reported that he and Carmin GA were among the new leaders of organized crime in Italy.
They claim that Barnes carried out his business after consulting with some sort of \"12-person council\" he established in Harlem.
Police say the committee is a group of black drug dealers who meet occasionally to set up distribution zones.
These sources indicate that Nikki Barnes may have met with Joanne Cheshire, a key figure of the Black Liberation Army, in Greenwich Village, as well as Patty Hearst while she was on the run, and may have seen him as well
They think he is a genius of organization to some extent.
Police said that since he had set up so many administrative layers between himself and the actual drugs, he had actually created an arresting drug operation;
Even if one of his processing plants was successfully raided, it could not be traced back to him, nor could it put pressure on his operations.
According to intelligence, Barnes hid a large amount of uncut heroin in different locations in the New York City area ,(
According to police reports, he was caught once and had $500,000 worth of drugs in his car)
The documents also document the fate of a Reggie Isaacs, the lieutenant they identified as Barnes.
Isaacs likes to play golf.
Police believe he held on to Barnes.
Four years ago, he was found dead, with three bullets in 18 holes in the Mosholu Golf Course in the Bronx.
Police believe Barnes, who they call \"Nick\", is involved in the killing, but they have never been able to prove it --
Just as they were unable to prove Barnes was complicit in the killing of another former insider, Stanley Morgan, who was shot and killed almost eight times next door to the police station.
It is said that Morgan was held at a drug custodian.
Barnes has at least one Mercedes-Benz (maybe more) and a Citroen Maserati, surrounded by Thunderbirds, Lincoln continent and Cadillac, police said.
At different times, they reported, he had apartments across the Hudson River in Upper Manhattan, Riverdale, Hackensack and Fort Lee\'s high-rise Forest.
Ironically, these police intelligence agents have been spying on Nikki Barnes, but have not seized Nikki Barnes, who have shown some reluctance to admire Barnes\'s way of life, this way is consistent and often humorous.
They are professionals who appreciate professionals and they do not believe that he is a professional.
For example, this is Nikki Barnes: just before last Christmas on 126 Street and St.
Police said Nicholas Avenue and Barnes were wearing one of his 300 new suits, one of his 100 pairs of shoes, one of his 50 leather coats, one of his 25 hats.
All color coordination-
Turkey is being distributed to the poor, thanks to tamento Hall alderman at the turn of the century.
This is Nikki Barnes: he was tried last year for holding a hashisii, a shotgun,.
Automatic 25 caliber,.
32-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver
32-caliber Crick revolver and.
A collection police officer said they found a 38-caliber pistol in his Manhattan apartment in August 1973, along with a small bill of $43,934.
During the adjournment, he walked into the bathroom of the criminal court and saw two drug detectives he knew.
He put his hand under the faucet and raised his hand to the mirror and said, \"I need a handkerchief.
Look, is this a handkerchief?
He put his hand into the side bag and took out a roll of cylindrical banknotes. “Oh,” he says.
\"It\'s not a handkerchief, is it?
He smiled at the two crocodiles in the mirror.
The money in his pocket came back.
He stretched his hand into his pocket on the other side.
\"Is this a handkerchief?
And take out a duplicate roll.
\"Now, it\'s not a handkerchief either, is it?
He said, laughing at the two detectives again.
He dried his hand and walked out of the bathroom.
AD, this is Nikki Barnes: he will show the flag party in Harlem and check in at Shalimar, Gold Lounge or little lounge and he will be bowed and nodded but not touched
\"It\'s like a Godfather movie,\" said a detective . \".
\"Baaad, Rahua Baaad Brown. . . ”—
His fans believe the song was written for him.
A detective said I would play steadily on juke, and Nikki Barnes would \"be treated like a Pope\" through his admirer Wade \".
It was a few months ago that a court stenographer School in Nikki Barnes advertised in The Law Journal that it was conducting a mock trial, during which testimony would be made, in order to test their students.
Nikki Barnes answered the ad, suggesting that he played the role of \"bad guy\" in the trial.
It was a bit surprising that the school did not accept his offer: Barnes seemed to see almost single-handedly the unemployment rate of the court stenographer remain at an absolute minimum, as he insisted on having copies of every page of testimonyat $4. 50 a page—
In many of his trials
He\'s not just doing this.
He bound all the testimony and evidence in the trial into a volume he left in the apartment.
Police said that the part of the trial record involving police surveillance was copied and distributed to his deputy as a guide to basic security.
His lawyer, David bretbart, called Barnes \"a greedy reader, especially a Legal Reader. ” Mr.
Breitbart said that when Barnes was at Greenhaven Prison, he subscribed to 37 different legal journals, \"each issue, when he was sitting next to me in court, whether search or seizure, he discusses the acceptability of evidence in a knowledge and thorough manner.
I think he is a learned client. ”Mr.
While refusing to comment on Barnes\'s current indictment, Breitbart believes that almost all police intelligence information is absurd.
He says the accounts in his client\'s closet are \"pure bull market \".
\"Oh my God, there\'s a hole in that guy\'s shoes.
As for his team.
Breitbart Barnes said \"rent them only.
He said Barnes has been \"framed\" by the police since he was nominated by the intelligence service as the main violator \". ”Why the frame?
\"Budget Project . \"Breitbart.
\"The police have to justify their budget.
The UNODC must prove its reasonableness to the General Accounting Office.
These are prosecutors.
Every prosecutor opened fire on the crown.
They said he was the biggest.
So they want a chance.
I like the system.
It will work if it is tracked.
The problem is that they don\'t follow the rules. ”Mr.
Breitbart, who used to be a prosecutor in the Bronx district attorney\'s office, resigned and said, \"so I can make a living.
\"His company, Goldberger, Feldman and Breitbart, are criminal law offices composed of former prosecutors.
He says he\'s doing well right now, when someone asks him how\'s Nikki Barneswho Mr.
Breitbart says in the real estate industry
\"The lawyer for the Daikin Watch and the lizard belt, I said I was a humanitarian. I like causes.
I like this reason.
\"The bugging ad used by the authorities to impress Barnes as the city\'s most important drug dealer is, sir.
The suspect, Breitbart said.
\"They heard a knock.
On top one said he had something and the other would say, is this approved by Barnes?
The first one would say yes.
Of course he will.
This guy is smart. He hears.
He knows the weight of Nikki\'s name.
Why not use this name?
But the police said it was evidence.
Police intelligence on Nikki
Barnes had a rough early life.
They know that they said that he grew up on the Eighth Avenue between 113 and 116, playing street sports shoes basketball and couldn\'t help but see the drug trade going on, which is still the case at 116 and 8.
It is said that who took control of the drugs on the streets of Harlem and became the number one banana for residents.
An early arrest by a street fan sent Barnes to Lexington, Kentucky.
He got rid of his habit.
He did not take drugs or drink until today.
Police said on 1950s
When he was in his 20 s
In the 1960s, Barnes became a drug dealer, a middle-level agent who found profitable connections in the dominican Republic.
They believe that his first drug arrest was only for the identity of the Dominican.
Back on the street, he found a Southern Union called the \"golden finger\" by the police and began piecing together his network to recruit other known \"major offenders\" such as \"Big Robbie\" Hollywood.
\"Bobby beard\" and \"movie star \".
\"Initially, these efforts to create the Harlem drug consortium were rejected by competitors, so Barnes went alone.
On 1965, he was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment for 25 years.
Again, the charge is an offence.
In prison, he met the gangster \"Crazy Joey\" Gallo, who was sentenced to five to 15 years in prison for extortion.
Police intelligence sources said Barnes and he teamed up to learn the organization on his knees while listening to Gallo telling him how things worked on East Harlem 116 Street.
Gallo revealed that he wanted to be the main force in crime pictures in New York, but he didn\'t? ? roops;
He advised Barnes to help him recruit casual pants.
The two became friends, police said, and after two years in jail, Gallo found a lawyer for Barnes to handle the appeal.
There was a discrepancy in Estimony and Barnes was reportedly released after the tape was lost.
Police said he then began creating his drug empire, importing either pure or only cut heroin
Considered pure on the street
Directly from what intelligence sources call \"Italian suppliers \".
He then set up a factory and delivery network, controlled the entire manufacturing and distribution process, bought and sold in different places such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, northern New York and Canada, and establish contact with Arizona.
Gradually, he began taking over street operations from Italian gangs who controlled Harlem\'s drug traffic until then.
When asked if this would not create friction with the former King, a drug detective replied, \"Why do you want to do this?
Those guys like to make money.
Nick made money for them.
No other consideration.
Barnes began investing in real estate, travel agencies, car wash stores and gas stations, police sources said. He married.
According to the police, he has a daughter.
Between about 1968 and 1973, his power grew.
Although police still believe Barnes is becoming more and more influential in the Harlem drug incident, he was not arrested and on the street he became \"Mr. Harlem \". Untouchable.
Police intelligence said he was living at 100 Haven Avenue and in an apartment in a building owned by Columbia University.
His quiet is not typical and few residents remember him.
Police say he is leaving his apartment every day to patrol various parts of Harlem.
The police gradually set up files for him.
Barnes is a self-taught person who is very smart and self-taught to read.
He has a strong interest in the history of black people and in his black tradition.
He stopped eating pork because of this interest, and although he was not a strict Muslim servant according to all reports, he did follow some of the credo of the religion.
At the beginning of 1973, Nikki Barnes once again became a hot project for the police. The Police Department intelligence department and the special investigation unit jointly investigated
Opinion of the Manhattan district attorney\'s office drug Special Group
It was for him.
From January to August of the same year, police were with Nikki Barnes 24 hours a day.
Both ads and Barnes know.
Police say a Barnes car will be driven out of the garage in his building, and Barnes\'s wife, Selma, will be driving while Barnes is lying flat in the back seat.
The car will travel to the West Side Highway at 100 miles an hour and continue.
Then it will go back to the garage and Barnes and his wife will go back to their apartment.
There has never been a ticket.
In any other case, a flight officer will be arrested.
Police thought Barnes knew they were more interested in following him than arresting him, so he was with them.
Other times, the car will drive to Brooklyn.
Barnes will go out, walk into a building, come out, walk around the car, just look at the tail, and then he will go back to his car, before going back to his apartment, it will be a series of confusing turns to complete the wild goose chase he has just led.
The car will be driven to Harlem and Barnes will stop in 100 different places to annoy his trailer.
The car will be driven to Riverdale, and Barnes will quickly turn into a bunch of high weeds on the side of the road, as he once did.
Then, when the police follow the car, he turns on the light, moves behind the police, and blows the horn. On Aug.
1973 police arrested Barnes in the basement of the Haven Avenue apartment.
When they walked up to what they claimed to be his apartment, they found an apartment with mirrors covered on the walls and gray shag covered on the floor.
There is a $4,000 white leather sofa with glass, Chrome and marble furniture.
There is a king-sized bed in the Mediterranean-style bedroom, next to a shotgun with 10 shells and a collection of pistols mentioned earlier.
A detective said, \"where\'s Nikki? it\'s a gun.
\"According to all reports, Barnes was not bothered at all about his arrest and ultimately proved right that he was not worried.
The case was heard on the acceptability of the evidence and the validity of the warrant served.
The allegations were not dismissed until January, as it was decided that although the police arrested Barnes in the basement of that house, there was no evidence to admit that he was associated with the apartment.
In many court debates, prosecutors have spoken before the court, mentioning that $50,000 in cash was found in the apartment.
The figure is too high: $43,934 has actually been found. Mr.
Breitbart stood up from his seat and suggested to the court that what the prosecutor said meant was that the police officers who arrested him might have made about $6,000.
Nikki Barnes jumped up at the time and told the judge that was not the case at all --
Because \"these policemen are honest and they don\'t steal anything.
Then he sat down and grinned.
Since then, Barnes has also beaten several other allegations.
On May 11, 1974, he was arrested for stabbing a man in Bronx with a knife.
In the court proceedings, Barnes was released on bail, causing a series of legal disputes.
A judge who rejected the $100,000 check from Harlem Church found that there was a problem with the source of the money.
Barnes later announced bail, saying he sold his stock for $4.
6 million homes in Detroit
Businesses backed by the federal governmentas collateral.
When he was released on bail, and when the argument about 1973 arrests continued, he was again arrested on December.
1974, charged with paying bribes to the police-
After a series of suspicious driving moves, he stopped his Mercedes at the Bronx-
There was $130,000 in cash in the trunk of the car.
The initial release was set at $2.
6 million, reduced to $500,000 first and then to $100,000.
Application of Breitbart.
Barnes has never been absent from court, he noted.
Then things began to move in the direction of Nikki Barnes.
On May 8, 1975, he was acquitted, although his $130,000 was not returned because internal income paid the lien as part of the $325,000 owed by Barnes.
On 1976, the Bronx jury acquitted him.
He was arrested again in Bronx on last October for holding a gun, but the Bronx grand jury dismissed his charges. Mr.
Breitbart argued that the gun allegedly found in Barnes\'s car was placed there by the police.
Then, on January, a Bronx court finally overturned 1973 charges of possession of drugs and guns, and Barnes found himself without any criminal charges at all, although police still call him one of the most powerful and perhaps most powerful men in the city\'s \"main violators.
From 1973 to the third year of the year, Nikki Barnes was charged with murder, bribery, drug trading and possession of dangerous weapons, the only time he spent in prison was 150 days in custody on various charges while the bail was secured.
He was arrested again on March 16.
He was one of 18 people accused by a federal grand jury of selling and spreading heroin plots.
The indictment accused Barnes and his five \"deputies\" of conspiring to sell 44 pounds kilograms of heroin at a wholesale price of $1 million, from Kazakhstan\'s monthly garage since November 1976.
It calls Barnes \"the head of a loose drug organization that distributes large quantities of heroin and cocaine,\" through which the chain of distribution has been established and drugs flow on several levels of the conspiracy, eventually spread drugs on the streets of New York City.
After the arrest, Nikki Barnes spent another 44 days in prison.
Then, on April 29, after Barnes promised his $1, he was released by a bondholders on a $300,000 bail.
25 million interest in the Detroit housing project.
He is in Mr these days.
Breitbart\'s office prepares his defense.
Meanwhile, in recent weeks, another
Dressed in white, in a white cloak with a red lining --
He has been driving his white Cadillac to 116 Street and Eighth Avenue, claiming to be the godfather \".
\"The street news is that if the federal government succeeds in putting Nikki Barnes into prison, this new man on the scene will be someone worth considering.
But the street people in Harlem remember that every time the police seemed to put Barnes in prison, they were skeptical about the efforts of the federal government: for them, Nikki Barnes was still \"Mr. Untouvchable.
\"■ A version of this file was printed on page SM8 of The New York edition on June 5, 1977 with the title: Article 6-no title.
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