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are you filling your reusable shopping bag with junk food?

by:Xilong      2019-10-04
Customers in grocery stores tend to feel ethical when they bring their own reusable bags, because they bring an Earth --friendly step.
But what happens when shoppers hit the store?
Did they compensate for the aura of kindness in another environment ---
Sometimes it\'s not entirely certain. -way?
According to Uma R, the answer is
Karmarkar of Harvard University and Bryan Bollinger of Duke University believe that a healthy move is often accompanied by an unwise purchase decision: buying junk food.
First of all, the good news is: when shoppers bring their own bags, they are more likely to buy organic food, a gesture that matches the spirit of the \"belt\"your-own-
Bags: Organic food is often seen as more earthy
Friendly than traditional products.
But research has found that these shoppers are more likely to throw some junk food on top of organic carrots.
Popular news Google cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupted Harris \"bringing his own luggage not only increases the purchase of environmental friendly organic food, karmarkar and Bollinger, who also added food to indulge, wrote in the newspaper.
Because it feels ethical to bring reusable bags, they point out, \"consumers may feel that there is permission to make other less ethical or more indulgent decisions later on . \".
As stores increasingly promote reusable bags by selling cheap fabrics or recycling plastic bags, the authors point out that they want to look at how these bags affect shopper behavior.
Considering a problem mentioned in the research paper, this is not a small problem
A third consumer said they used their reusable bags during their recent shopping trip.
So even though it is becoming mainstream, there is still a long way to go with reusable bags, which has an impact on grocery stores and other retailers.
Why do people who try to get their bags crash when they get the garbage --food aisle?
Karmarkar told the Harvard Business Review that the reason is a concept in consumer psychology called \"licensing \".
\"If I perform well in one situation, I allow myself to perform poorly in another unrelated situation,\" she said . \".
\"Similar research has been done in health decision-making.
I bought Diet Coke.
I have hamburgers for myself.
\"In the case of reusable bags causing garbage --
Karmarkar warned that shoppers may not be aware of this behavior when buying food.
\"Bringing the bag to the store has nothing to do with getting the product off the shelf, but it has an impact,\" she notes . \".
The study analyzed loyalty card data from a major grocery chain in California from May 2005 to March 2007, and compared the same shoppers with their own bags and the use of store packs during their travels.
The data shows more than 2 million shopping trips from nearly 60,000 families, although researchers are focused on the most frequent shoppers in the group.
The study also included an online component where researchers asked people questions about hypothetical shopping decisions through Amazon\'s Mechanical turn.
What impact does this discovery have on the store?
The author notes in a statement that grocery stores where shoppers often bring reusable bags may wish to sell organic or sustainable farmed foods as luxury goods.
Stores can also adjust how shoppers experience their checks
Karmarkar told the Harvard Business Review.
\"If you remind shoppers that they are perfect for bringing reusable bags, what happens to impulse purchases at checkout? \" she said.
\"Is the location of indulgence in the store important?
On the other hand, if you provide organic cookies, you can see what\'s going on!
Something that is both kind and indulgent.
\"Pointing out, on the other hand, that this behavior may help shoppers trying to reduce junk food.
The next time you enter the store with reusable bags, you may want to avoid the snack channel.
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