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are plastic bag bans garbage?

by:Xilong      2019-08-09
Editor\'s note: This is an excerpt from the planet currency newsletter.
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About 40 years ago, plastic bags became the standard in the United States. S. grocery stores.
This also makes them the standard for sewers, landfill sites, rivers and large Pacific garbage belts.
They clog the sewers, killing floods, landscape waste and wildlife.
Getting rid of their national movement is gaining momentum --
Since 2007, more than 240 cities and counties have passed laws prohibiting or taxing taxes.
New York has recently become the secondS.
They are banned by the state.
But these bans may do more harm to the environment than to the environment.
Rebecca Taylor, an economist at the University of Sydney, began studying the package regulations because every time she jumped to find a new job,
From Washington, D. C. C.
From California to Australia
Package restrictions were implemented shortly thereafter.
\"Yes, these policies are probably following me,\" she joked . \".
Taylor recently published a research report on the package regulations in California.
This is a classic story about unexpected consequences.
Paper or Plastic?
At the end of 2016, before California banned the use of plastic shopping bags across the state, 139 cities and counties in California implemented this policy.
Taylor and his colleagues compared the behavior of using plastic bags in the city to that of not having them.
For six months, they spent the weekend at the grocery store, counting the type of luggage people carry (
She admits it\'s not her craziest weekend).
She also analyzed the sales data of these stores.
Taylor found that these bag bans did what they were supposed to do: the number of people in cities with bans using plastic bags decreased, resulting in a reduction of about 40 million pounds of plastic waste per year.
But people who used to reuse shopping bags for other purposes in the past still need bags, such as picking up shit or queuing up trash cans.
\"I found that sales of garbage bags actually soared after the plastic grocery bags were banned,\" she said . \".
For small, 4-
After the ban came into effect, sales of gallons increased by 120%.
Didn\'t you see the graphic above?
Click here, the garbage bags are thicker than the typical shopping bags and use more plastic.
\"As a result, about 30% of the plastic that was lifted by the ban came back in the form of a thicker garbage bag,\" Taylor said . \".
In addition to this, the use of paper bags in cities where plastic bags are banned has surged, and she estimates that around £ 80 million of extra paper waste will be produced each year.
Plastic haters, it\'s time to cheer up.
A lot of research has found that the impact of paper bags on the environment is actually more serious.
They need to cut down and process trees, which involves a lot of water, toxic chemicals, fuel and heavy machinery.
Taylor said that while paper is biodegradable and avoids some of the problems with plastic, a significant increase in paper, coupled with an increase in plastic garbage bags, it means that banning plastic shopping bags will increase greenhouse gas emissions.
Nevertheless, these bans do reduce non-biodegradable waste.
Will the handbag kill us?
What about reusable bags? We know die-
Fans of public radio loved them!
They must be great, right? Nope.
Even worse.
A 2011 study in the United StatesK.
The government has found that one has to reuse 131 cotton tote bags in order to cope better with climate change than one plastic shopping bag.
The Danish government has recently done a study that takes into account environmental impacts in addition to simple greenhouse gas emissions, including the use of water, destruction of ecosystems and air pollution.
These factors make the custom backpacks worse.
They estimate that in order for the organic cotton custom backpacks to be better used in the environment, you must use an organic cotton custom backpacks 20,000 times more than a plastic grocery bag.
Nevertheless, the Danish government\'s estimate does not take into account the impact of bags thrown on land and oceans, and plastic is clearly the most serious offender.
Don\'t make me depressed.
What should we do?
The most eco-friendly-
The friendly way to carry groceries is to use the same bag over and over again.
According to Danish research, the best reusable materials are made of plastics such as polyester or polypropylene.
In order to be more eco-friendly than plastic grocery bags with the smallest carbon footprint at one time, these grocery bags must also be used dozens or even dozens of times.
As for the package policy, Taylor says fees are more sensible than bans.
She has a second piece of paper showing that for encouraging the use of reusable bags, charging a small amount of bags is as effective as the ban.
But for those who reuse plastic bags for garbage disposal or dog walking, the charge provides flexibility.
Taylor believes that the legislation recently passed in New York is a bad version of the policy.
It only prohibits the use of plastic bags and allows the use of paper plastic bags (
Each county can choose to implement 5-
Cents on them).
Taylor is worried that this will increase the use of paper.
The best policy, Taylor said, is to charge for paper bags and plastic bags and encourage reuse.
The study of this bag makes the public radio\'s love for the handbag look awkward, isn\'t it?
However, it may be strange if we start distributing plastic shopping bags.
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