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april 28: bag ban is more about a gesture

by:Xilong      2019-08-10
Re: on April 25, \"Esquimalt in Nanaimo considers banning packages \".
I live in Nanaimo, close to Vancouver Island University and some recreational and sports facilities.
Since 2001, I have been walking my dogs on the nearby sidewalks, universities, parks and sports grounds.
Once a week, I carry a disposable plastic shopping custom backpacks with me. Why?
Pick up a lot of coffee cups, beverage containers, plastic covers, straws, chip bags and other debris dropped by college, high school and playground students.
In the latter case, garbage containers are available, but some people seem to find it more convenient to throw garbage on the ground.
Plastic shopping bags? Hardly a one.
Since last year, a local club announced it was going to do its part for Mother Earth, banning the use of plastic shopping bags, I \'ve been counting the number I \'ve encountered and removed.
Average number: 1 person per week.
I contacted the club to let them know the fact that after pushing the prev, they told me that it was important to \"pose \".
When I protested to their representative that \"it is definitely more useful to ban disposable coffee cups\", he replied, \"plastic shopping bags will have a greater impact. ” Oh so 21st-
Century: Let\'s move towards glitz. the problem will be solved by ourselves.
I am in my 80 s and as a child I have been taught to \"pick up\" and have done so since then.
Why are \"I\" and \"millennials\" not taught the same public responsibility? H. D.
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