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Application of piece cutting in luggage making process

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
Slice cutting is to cut the product parts and parts according to the process requirements to make the edge slices suitable for the processing requirements of the next process, which can increase the beauty of the luggage and improve the quality of the luggage. Therefore, this process is also very important. So where is the chip cutting process generally applied in luggage production? 1. During the manufacturing process of the piece-side luggage used for the Hemming part, the exposure is obvious at zero. The edge of the component is required here, and the Hemming is to increase the appearance effect of the luggage product, improve the aesthetics of the product. 2. The edge-pressing stubble used for the stubble pressing part is the overlapping between parts, and the main purpose of the stubble pressing is to make the product be sewed or glued together as a whole, the edge of the piece is flat and has a beautiful appearance. 3, used for sewing parts of the edge, because some materials in the production of bags, the stitching edge is relatively thick, which is very affecting the appearance, therefore, using the edge of the suture piece is to make the Edge uniform and flat, and the external appearance is beautiful. The main purpose of the chip cutting technology applied to the chip edge is to increase the smoothness and beauty of the product edge. Therefore, this process also requires very high technical requirements for operators, in this small editor, I highly recommend a powerful manufacturer with more than ten years of operation and technical experience as an operator-- Xilong luggage, Xilong luggage has complete production equipment, strong technical force, and a group of advanced luggage research and development and design team, can independently design and develop products, welcome to inquire!
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