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Anti-city legislation inconsistent with Texas history

by:Xilong      2019-08-16
Texas has long touted \"local control\" as a defense in court and public policy debates and seen it as an offence to action against the federal government.
The strong interests of Texas are threatened by cities that are trying to protect their residents, and the leaders of Texas have been attacking local control.
This is the story of this session.
When the book is published, the horse may or may not leave the legislative barn in one way or another.
But let\'s take a closer look at local control, the history of Texas and the changing position of the state.
It is useful to inform the current debate --
If some of these measures are canceled at this session, future measures will also be canceled.
The general argument in favor of local control is that decisions on public policy should be as close to the people as possible.
States use this theory for the federal government, local governments use this theory for states, and communities use this theory for local governments.
Texas leaders use all of these theories in court, in public policy debates, and in decision-making.
Texas has filed dozens of lawsuits against the federal government to resist national efforts to protect the environment and provide health care to the poor.
Each time, states believe that these decisions should be made at the national level rather than at the national level.
On 1954, Texas defended the school\'s apartheid, arguing that states and school districts should make a decision to remove it.
Texas defended its outdated and unfair school financial system in the United States. S.
On 1973, the Supreme Court argued that the school fiscal system was necessary to meet the highest public policy of the Local Control School District, and that Texas continued to use this argument in state courts today.
Our current Texas leaders have been supporting the school voucher program to change decisions.
Provide services to parents and students for schools far away from the state or school district.
Now local governments have passed regulations to protect their communities from payday lenders, fracking, plastic bags, water pollution, tree destruction, low wages, Cycling
Lawmakers are enthusiastic about the law enforcement of immigration laws, and have submitted a series of bills to take power from local governments and return it to state leaders and legislatures.
Corporate interests have more control over this.
The move to regain control has not stopped in the legislature.
Our governor complained that the efforts of these places were to \"California-ize” Texas.
These local regulations originated from local initiatives and experienced intense, participatory local struggles.
The Denton people advocated and passed a local decree banning fracking within the city.
This month, the legislature passed and signed a law denying Danton and other local governments in Texas the power to control fracking in their communities.
The people of Austin tried to protect their springs and pure water from development, and the state took this power away from the city and handed it over to the developers.
Over the past decade, lawmakers have come up with a bill to undermine the San Antonio tree ordinance, which San Antonio can hardly hold on.
To protect those who are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, cities have expanded their non-discrimination regulations.
At least 11 cities have restricted the use of plastic bags, and a Texas lawmaker has submitted a \"shopping bag freedom act\" to remove this power from these cities.
Senate Bill 1673 states that local governments \"may not pass or enforce local regulations, rules or regulations that conflict with state laws, rules, are stricter or inconsistent than state laws, regulations, permits or permits.
\"It also allows anyone to sue the local government for damages and attorney fees in connection with a violation of the act.
The statute waived the government\'s exemption from the 100 lawsuit against Texas and all its cities fighting to protect these laws.
As a professor, I would fail if any of my law students could not find a way to use this regulation to sue for almost anything in a city.
Fortunately, House Bill 1556 appears to have stalled in the committee, an effort by the state to end the non-discrimination regulations passed in several Texas cities, including San Antonio.
HB 1556 states that local governments must not \"pass or enforce local laws that create protected classification or prohibit discrimination based on a basis not included in the laws of the state.
\"Students and survivors of Texas history rarely see protection against discrimination in history --
Opposition groups in this law. But if the so-
The pass, known as the shopping bag Freedom Act, protects shopping bags from discrimination!
Most of these bills are likely to die informally.
There is no doubt that this is only the first round.
Remind lawmakers and lobbyists that they will definitely try to attach these concepts to the bill to be passed.
In the last days of the meeting, finding a car for the bill is a regular part of the legislative process.
If this is not possible, please continue to focus on these measures in future meetings.
The leaders of the state have been aware of these apparent discrepancies and will
Local laws.
\"Freedom\" is a new amulet.
But my freedom seems
People who live in a community with no next door or polluted rivers, or who are forced to go bankrupt or homeless because of predatory payday lenders --
Oil companies, developers and plastic custom backpacks manufacturers have done everything they can to make the freedom allowed by the legislature a big violation of them.
My freedom to seek redress from my closest government is also threatened. Also threatened.
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