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anna & kristina bags oprah network

by:Xilong      2019-09-20
Photos of Anna Werner and Kristina Matisse in Aldridge. )
Dear friends by Mia STAINSBYVancouver
To be sure, friendship helped Vancouver\'s Anna Werner and Kristina Mattis find a sweet spot on Oprah herself (network)
Released last month.
For two years, the network has signed up on their TV series Anna and Kristina\'s grocery bag.
On the show, they test cooking books and kitchen products and sometimes lose their courtesy
Laughter, happy things
Years of Friendship
Friendship, on the other hand, is a shortcut to anger and impatience, and they don\'t flinch because they try to cook more than one
A package for a chef who will judge their work.
The two met as reporters on mid-day global television.
About 10 years ago, 1990 people left their jobs and became their own bosses. (
They created food grocery bags called toAnna and Kristina, the predecessor of the shopping bag. )
Of course, they\'re crazy. for-
The camera looks good, but the exciting sass and very real relationship are the reasons for the success of the show.
OWN found them, they said.
\"They have been watching the show and are interested in getting it,\" said Werner . \".
\"When we finally came to an agreement, we were very excited and excited to be part of it.
\"After confirming the transaction, this pair is
Five, hug, go back and do-
Take another episode in the kitchen.
The deal means grocery bags are now available in 35 countries with 80 million families in the United States. S.
And the W Network in Canada.
\"This is obviously a big deal for us,\" said Werner . \".
\"As part of the release, it brings publicity and caching.
\"They own the show, produce it and sell it.
With regard to finance, \"we can say that we are in 35 countries around the world and that our own deal is definitely a good one,\" said Werner.
Their appeal lies not in their cooking ability.
This is klutzy Julia children\'s moment, and it\'s time for them to take on challenging menus and offer results to the most avid chefs in the local and international world.
Sometimes the chefs are impressed and sometimes they try not to spoil their cooking without speaking.
\"I dropped a chicken last night,\" Wallner said . \" He guided the children and agreed that their kitchen was not allowed. pro zone.
The type A character of Werner is in line with the Type C character of Mattis, which is conducive to A good chemical reaction.
They\'re fine, but not too-too.
Mattis said: \"I think Anna is definitely a big man.
Picture man, more business-minded than I.
When she is working on something, she wants to do it in the best way, not the simple path I might like.
She will do it right.
Personally, she is very loyal.
Wallner pointed out that Kristina is not a person who is easily overlooked.
\"Once she made up her mind, she made up her mind.
She is also very interesting and is the most trustworthy person I know on this planet.
They learned from their differences.
\"I try to relax and do it with what we have.
I used to stop cooking and run around for the right carrots.
I\'m more adaptable now. ” And Kristina?
\"A little more effort can make things look better, taste better, and finish the work better.
Now I understand their return.
Like the parsley on it.
Anna is famous for this.
The formula test also changed them.
When Mattis started, she had a can of pickles in her refrigerator, a cabinet and a can of soup.
Werner thinks she\'s a good cook.
\"This is incredible humility.
\"I had surgery in a very, very narrow area at the time,\" she said . \".
They have solved the recipes for Thomas Keller and Alan Dukas (
Ranking champion of cooking World)
But their bitwine is a pastry.
\"I hate to make pastry dough,\" said matisch . \".
\"I have to say, the pastry is hard for us to accept,\" said Werner . \".
So far, so has Oprah.
They were invited to her show but were hit by another guest.
\"We still want to see her,\" they said . \".
In Canada, Anna and Kristina\'s grocery bags are broadcast on the W Network every Wednesday at 8: 30. m. In the U. S.
It aired at 11. m.
Monday to Friday
Mstainsby @ vancouversun.
ComBlog: versun.
Two years. called . )
Of course, they did-for-
The camera looks good, but the exciting sass and very real relationship are the reasons for the success of the show.
It is now broadcast in 35 countries, reaching 80 million in the United States. S.
And the W Network in Canada.
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