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by:Xilong      2019-08-10
Anna Werner and Kristina Mattis of grocery bags from Anna and Kristina appear on their own networks. .
/FilesKristina Wallner Matisic and Anna.
American industrialist John D.
Rockefeller once said: \"friendship based on business is better than business based on friendship.
13 years ago, despite such warnings, best friends and news colleagues Anna Werner and Kristina Mattis decided to work together to set up the now booming global package media company.
Since then, they have produced and starred in three consumers.
The TV showed shopping bags, beauty calls from Anna and Kristina, grocery bags from Anna and Kristina.
This pair is also behind the camera that produces buy. o.
The logic of Ol and the latest logic of their TV stable version are filled on OLN.
This fall, the Anna and Kristina brands will receive another boost as Anna and Kristina.
Com is being updated and expanded to become a more online lifestyle magazine with a product line.
\"At the beginning, people will say, \'Oh my God, don\'t do business with your best friends.
\"These relationships are always going to end,\" said matisch . \" He has known Werner for nearly 20 years.
\"But now we get a lot, wow, it\'s great that you guys have been working together for so long.
\"This relationship is longer than any other one,\" Matisse added with a smile.
In fact, Mastic went a step further to expose the opponents and said it was because they were friends, so the business was successful.
But that\'s not to say that it doesn\'t work to make business relationships work.
\"We don\'t give up easily,\" said Mattis, who grew up in Vancouver . \".
\"We have learned to deal with things in our own partnership.
Now that has become so much, it is not an option to walk away.
I am sure Anna will tell you that it has almost become a marriage and we have learned a lot about relationships from each other.
\"I always say that if I get married again, the success of that marriage will be largely about the relationship between myself and Kristina, which is for sure,\" said Werner . \" Native Toronto
The unique combination of partnership and friendship has not been ignored by network executives who have been dealing with it for nearly nine years.
\"I agree (
Their relationship)
This is quite unusual . \"
President of the original program of Corus lifestyle, reality and factual entertainment.
\"It proves how they are aligned and committed to the same goal, and it\'s clear that they really like each other, it\'s not a bad thing, \"The commitment to co-produce TV started as early as 1999, as the shopping custom backpacks concept started with our consumer column.
\"In the beginning, it was just for our own show to be broadcast,\" Mattich said . \".
\"We worked together on global television as journalists and anchors, and then just after drinking coffee, we realized we had a little bit of a startup spirit and we wanted to take risks on our own.
\"For Werner, the need to get rid of and control her career becomes apparent when she starts to assess her work life.
\"I \'ve been a freelance journalist for a few years and when I finally get this coveted job --the union job —
\"We are all looking for something dead for me, and I realize something about myself,\" Warner explained . \".
\"I find the challenge of having to completely transform and find a job much more interesting and valuable.
Therefore, a good idea and the courage to pursue it are undoubtedly crucial for success.
Yet another factor here is how people relate to the couple\'s relationship.
\"They feel a little bit like a girlfriend,\" Bianchi notes . \".
\"They are accessible, accessible, not afraid of dirt, trying on their own, and even looking bad in the process.
\"The last part is the key because the couple is not interested in selling perfection.
\"One thing we never fear to do is screw --
\"Try it up, it\'s a failure,\" matisch said . \".
\"All these perfect cooking shows come from here.
You can be as easy as Martha Stewart.
This simple recipe can make you perfect.
Really, because it\'s not like this in my kitchen.
I scraped the chicken off the floor and put it back in the pan.
\"When Werner, self
The self-proclaimed overbearing perfectionist doesn\'t seem to like the type of compliance with the fifth floor rules, and she\'s still happy with screwing up.
\"I think one of the things we do often and remind ourselves to do is not to be afraid of failure,\" said Werner . \".
\"Our idea is that we are not professional chefs and we are testing cooking books from the perspective of ordinary people, ordinary family chefs.
Sometimes recipes work and sometimes they don\'t.
Sometimes it\'s our fault, sometimes it\'s a recipe that\'s not well written.
The kitchen can be a dramatic place.
\"It\'s not a joke. if you \'ve seen the wedding cake episode, you know what drama Werner is talking about.
From the start of their business, the couple realized that the shopping custom backpacks was just a starting point and its form was easy for them to spinoffs.
Therefore, Anna and Kristina\'s \"beautiful call\" and their current incarnation Anna and Kristina\'s grocery custom backpacks also follow, which will complete the recording of the fourth season in September.
The couple were also producers of their TV fares from the start, but these characters have been far beyond their own shows lately.
\"You know, we said, \'This is incredible, we are very lucky, we have three shows and have been on the air for such a long time, \'\" Mattis said, \"but one day, this may dry up so we need to start working out Plan B. \".
So we said \'OK, we made something and we have this product, so we need to start producing other products that are not just based on the Anna and Kristina brands.
\"As you can imagine, the list of ideas for the show is very long, according to the Mattis animal show, which includes more cooking shows, even sitcom.
\"I don\'t think we have started yet,\" said Werner . \".
\"I hope we are just beginning.
I never felt safe about it.
I think we have to work hard for the next thing all the time.
We can never sit down and relax, and I think that\'s part of what keeps us going, but that\'s why it keeps us awake at night.
\"Well, maybe their next project should be a late-night talk show?
This province. comtwitter.
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