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add detachable wheels to a duffel bag

by:Xilong      2019-10-09
I love traveling with luggage bags because they are easy to pack (
You can push things into the corner)
The boxes I \'ve been in the overhead bin on the plane are much easier than those bulky square suitcases.
But now I\'m getting older and squeaky, so it\'s hard to put my favorite Timbuk2 luggage bag on my shoulder right now.
This is my simple solution.
Supply: thick velcro (
About 3 inch wide)-
I lay some around two wheels. $3.
49 each on the hardware storeMetal rod that will be installed through the wheel
I have a hollow aluminum tube because it is light and I know I can cut it with a hacksaw --$6.
994 shaft ring-
Used to fix the wheel on a metal rod.
Make sure they stick around the metal bars-$3.
23 bags-
A big enough that you don\'t have to awkwardly bend over to drag it with its new wheels.
Also, it should have a handle at one end (
Or you can sew one.
Total cost :~ $28 tools: sewing machineAllen wrenchHack rodOne sawScissorsSharpie marked out a large bag of my bag (for shoes)
Smaller on the other side (
Where I choose to put my toiletries).
I chose to put the wheel on one side of the shoe because I thought it was usually a more sturdy, tightly packed pocket.
Turn over your bag.
Cut two velcro about 6 inch long.
Peel velcro off and nail a soft face to the bottom of the custom backpacks. (
See the second photo)
Manipulate the bag onto your sewing machine and sew zig zagging forward and backward along the band of velcro (See the third photo).
Oh, you should also use a needle made of jeans or leather.
I forgot to change my clothes at first and it broke down.
Sew both of them down.
Now connect the other side of velcro (the rough side)
Only sewn down on the outer edge.
Make sure to go back and forth several times to make sure it\'s safe.
Both do so. (fourth photo)
Now, add a little fold to the other edge of the rough velcro belt to make it easier to pull up.
Just fold in about a quarter of an hour and sew. (fifth photo)
OK, now you\'re ready to assemble your wheels!
Place the metal stick at the bottom of the bag and mark the stick where you want the second wheel to end (
The first wheel will be right at the end of the bar).
I found that it works best if the wheel extends to the side of the bag, not under the bag.
Otherwise, the bag will be dragged on the wheel.
Place the shaft collar and wheels on the rod in the following order: Collar, wheel, collar. . .
Collar, wheel, collar.
You may have to loosen the small screw on the side of the shaft ring to fit it on the rod.
The position of the second wheel of the eyeball, then tighten the small screws on the shaft ring to keep everything in place (
But don\'t tighten too tight, otherwise you will bend the rod and it will be difficult to adjust later.
You will want to leave a little room for maneuver between the collar of the wheel (About 1/16)
So they can roll smoothly.
By opening velcro, slide the rod to the lower end of the stitch, then press velcro again to attach the wheel to the bag.
Unless you happen to get a metal stick that is perfectly sized, there should be some extra stick that extends to one of the wheels.
Now you should do a trial run with your bag to make sure the wheels are in the right position.
If not, adjust and test again.
When you think you \'ve positioned them, cut off the extra part of the rod with your hacksaw.
In order to fix the rod, I put two thick rubber bands tied together the asparagus on the rod. (third photo)
Turn over your bag and take her for a ride.
I stuffed the sheets and towels in to experience the trip.
I found that it would be easier to scroll the bag if I put it on the side of the body instead of dragging it behind me.
The best thing is that when you don\'t need the wheels, you can remove the wheels quickly and easily and then stuff them into your bag!
I spent about an hour and a half on all these small projects.
If you like, please vote for me in the wheel challenge!
Update: Last weekend I rolled the baby around SFO and JFK and made a few suggestions: 1)
Use solid things like shoes to plug in the pockets on the edge of the wheel.
My conversation seems to have worked. 2)
Extend the handle by rolling up the handkerchief, tying it in a loop, and then looping through the bag handle.
Great work!
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