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About the technological process of luggage fabric coating

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
The coating technology of luggage fabric is a luggage technology that innovates the fabric into old and endows it with multiple aspects. It can also form a layer of uniform covering rubber on the surface of the fabric, thus achieving the functions of waterproof, windproof, breathable, etc, commonly used coating foot force includes pu glue, A/C glue, PE glue, DuPont protective coating, etc. Each glue will create luggage fabric with different hand feeling. Then this time talk about the technological process of luggage fabric coating. First: with the barrel, according to the requirements of the fabric coating, the cloth will be separated according to the tank number written by the dyeing factory. The Masters will clean the silk car and keep the silk car clean, prevent dust and stains from being adsorbed on the cloth. After that, put the fabric one by one in the silk car, and so on until the silk car is paved. Second: sew the head, push the paved silk cart to the edge of the sewing machine, and lay a clean cloth on the ground between the silk cart and the sewing machine to keep the sewn head clean, the head of the cloth was connected with a sewing machine. At this time, the Masters will connect the heads of every two pieces of cloth to make them into a whole piece of cloth, and the rest of the two heads next to each other will be connected to push the silk car that has sewed the heads to the front of the coating machine, in order to accurately and Neatly sew fabrics. Third: coating on the machine. Before coating, we and the master should clean the coating machine and the machine room, sprinkle water in the workshop, and place the return electrostatic adsorption to affect the purity of the coating. After preparation, first adjust the silk car, then put on the guide cloth on the coating machine, connect the tail of the guide cloth with the head on the silk car with a sewing machine, and start the machine, drive the joint to the position of the coating knife. Adjust the position of the file board. When preparing the coating, according to the requirements of the coating, the mixer should prepare the slurry according to the requirements of the formula of the process sheet, and stir the prepared slurry with a beater, set the temperature control switch to the specified temperature and raise the temperature. Turn on the ventilation after rising to the specified temperature. Pour the prepared slurry onto the bottom plate of the coating knife, start the machine and start the coating. Fourth: inspection, after the first three processes, the Masters have completed the basic work of fabric coating. Now, it is necessary to pull the coated cloth to the back of the cloth inspection machine and put it away, and spread a clean cloth on the ground to keep it clean. After that, the Masters will put the cloth on the cloth inspection machine, turn on the light of the cloth inspection machine, and Mark, record and rectify the defects on the cloth as required. The coating process of luggage fabric is demonstrated by the master of Xilong luggage board room, which truly shows the process of luggage customization for customers.
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