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About the maintenance of canvas bag

by:Xilong      2020-03-15
Canvas bags are not as delicate as leather bags, but there are still some maintenance details that need attention, so as to extend the service life of the bags. If the bag is only generally defaced and does not get special stains, you should try not to use or use less detergent. We can directly put the whole bag into the water, just like ordinary clothes, wash it with a brush and rub it. Cotton canvas bags are easy to fade when washed. Please do not use washing products containing bleaching or fluorescence. If it is accidentally stained with stubborn oil stains, we can put some washing powder for cleaning. It didn't take long for the bag to be purchased, especially when it was washed for the first time. If you are afraid that the bag will fade, you can add white vinegar and salt in the water, soak the bag for about 30 minutes, and then wash it with water, this is more effective to prevent fading. It is best to use warm water during the washing process, so that the feel of the bag can be maintained. More attention should be paid to the maintenance of patterned canvas bags. Some of the background colors are white and there are many colored patterns on them. If this bag does not pay attention to details when washing, it will easily cross colors, even brush the pattern off. Therefore, in the process of cleaning, we need to use soft lotion to clean this bag, such as shampoo and cloth softener such as gold spinning, the most important thing is to prevent the alkaline lotion from hurting the part of the cloth cover, it is recommended to scrub the surface with a clean cotton cloth. Canvas with leather products, leather can not be washed. Wipe with skin cream to avoid folding and pressing to avoid deformation. It is more important to dry the last part. After washing, wrap the canvas with a large amount of paper towels, which can prevent the canvas surface from yellowing and prevent the color. Another thing to note is that bags should be dried in the shade and in the air. When drying, it is best to turn out the lining inside to dry, which can prevent surface damage during drying. It is best not to expose the canvas bag to the Sun, otherwise it will easily fade and damage the texture of the canvas. This article was compiled, edited and published by Xilong computer bag factory.
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