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abandoned water cooler causes times square scare

by:Xilong      2019-09-05
On Friday, police cleared the streets around Times Square and called a bomb team after finding a cooler and a shopping custom backpacks that remained on the sidewalk a block away, found it there on the weekend.
They found that there was only a water bottle in the cooler and drove the street into traffic.
A nearby shopping custom backpacks in a flowerpot contains some books and a gift packed with pink paper towels.
Earlier, police blocked a pedestrian street and nearby streets with yellow tape around 1: 15. m.
, While shouting \"come back, come back\" to the onlookers, guiding the bomb --
Sniffing dogs through the area.
Bomb squad X-rayed the soft-
Paul Brown, spokesman for the New York Police Department, said a side green cooler was found on the pedestrian street to determine if it posed a threat.
Six New York police officers opened the cooler and took out the contents. about an hour later, they took it away when the police station said there was no threat.
In response, they noticed that the pot was filled with the second custom backpacks of the book.
\"It\'s exciting, but it seems a bit stupid after all ---
Someone left the cooler there, \"said Thor Bergson, a psychiatrist at Newton, Massachusetts.
He watched the play on the eighth floor of the Marriott Marquis hotel.
The number of suspicious packages reported by the department has increased by 30% since the Times Square explosion failed.
\"This is something that happens a lot,\" police chief Raymond Kelly said on Friday . \".
\"When you have a major incident, the report of suspicious packages will rise.
I think, to some extent, people become more suspicious and more vigilant, which leads to more calls.
People who feel suspicious include Walter canderman Wells, a Times Square vendor.
Sitting on the stool next to T-\'s table
On Friday, he looked at the shirt on the street, and after the panic, he had returned to the usual noise.
\"Whoever did it, I think they were testing us.
They are testing our ability to tolerate this confusion.
\"They are playing chess with us now, but they won\'t win,\" The Vietnam veteran said . \".
Because we\'re Bobby Fischer.
\"No evacuation was ordered from the building, but when the police responded, the worker was told to stay indoors.
Cars close to the area were told to turn back in a bizarre silence in the area.
New Jersey attorney Henry godfein, who attended the hotel meeting, said he planned to relax on the Times Square pedestrian street but was rejected.
\"Instead, I\'m going back to places where there\'s no air and light,\" said goldfin, standing near the hotel . \".
\"We don\'t have anything like this in New Jersey.
\"The police received an average of 90 to 100 suspicious packages per day.
Brown said there were more than 145 reports on Wednesday alone.
A package found early Friday near the area where the car bomb was found proved to be someone\'s lunch.
On Wednesday, the bomb squad was called to see a truck that had a strong smell of gasoline and was abandoned on the Robert F.
But nothing dangerous was found in it.
\"It\'s a good thing that people are more vigilant,\" Brown said earlier on Friday . \".
\"These days, people are returning lost property a lot faster,\" he quipped . \".
Eds: clarified the police reaction to the cooler and then noticed the bag and checked it out.
145 reports were corrected on Wednesday instead of Thursday. AP Video.
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