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a better reusable shopping bag? jp monkey thinks so

by:Xilong      2019-10-03
Reusable shopping bags are everywhere today, so when you find a shopping bag that features to make life easier, it\'s always worth a closer look.
JP Monkey totes is made in Los Angeles by Santa Barbara and includes a keychain to facilitate grocery store club cards.
This means that you can hand over your bag to the cashier who can scan your membership before handing the tote bag to the bagging officer.
The JP monkey bag comes with a removable hard bottom to prevent the contents from drooping and shifting.
They are also equipped with thick steel bar handles to manage heavy objects without tearing.
They are machines.
Resistant to washing, an important factor in keeping the cross
Contamination of meat and poultry bacteria in the Bay.
Even better, the JP monkey bag is designed with a handsome and sturdy interior trim fabric.
For those of you who don\'t want to be a walking billboard, totes has no ads, which makes them flexible enough to carry while working or playing, neighborhood errands or traveling around the world.
JP Monkey founder Joslyn Gray, a commercial interior designer in Santa Barbara, began using sewn shopping bags for individuals in 1995, and after receiving great interest from admirers, she was founded in 2007
Gray said: \"We are only one of the many choices now, but our main task is still the same ---
Let people re-use the bag instead of choosing paper or plastic.
\"On the JP monkey website, the price per package is $25, where buying four or more packages will automatically give you a 15% discount.
They are also sold in three places in Santa Barbara, where prices vary: plows to porch organic matter at Santa Barbara 3204, (805)705-4786;
Santa Barbara 1221 State University gift basket, (805)965-1245;
And the Santa Barbara Hornet in 118 E. Ortega St. , (805)564-6686.
Oh, if you want to know: The interesting name of the company comes from Gray\'s maiden initials and her identity on the business card: Monkey chief. --
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