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9 religious companies (besides chick-fil-a)

by:Xilong      2019-09-08
CNN correspondent Dan Gilgoff reports.
Controversy over chicken by religious editorsfil-
The founder of A publicly opposed
Same-sex marriage continues.
Mike Huckabee is pushing a chicken. fil-
One day, Jim Henson.
Is cutting off the link with the chain
We are re-publishing the list of 10 other religious companies.
Our initial list was picked up by a previous girl. fil-A/same-
Sexual marriage dispute
Is there any name missing from our list?
Send us a tweet at @ CNNBelief and let us know.
There are 10 wells here.
Well-known companies that do not produce religious products
We\'re not talking about Jewish food maker Manischewitz-
Nevertheless, they still take the religious aspect seriously (
Not listed in a specific order). 1. Forever 21.
The young women\'s clothing company may be known for its skimpier and saucier products, but it also exudes subtle piety.
John 3:16-a quote from the popular Bible verses of evangelical Christians --
Appears at the bottom of the shop shopping bag.
A spokeswoman for the company told the New York Sun that the message was \"proof of the owner\'s faith \". \"2. Tom’s of Maine.
In 1970, CEO Tom chapel started the natural home products company with his wife Kate, and he almost left the company to pursue full development.
Time Christian department.
However, while earning a master\'s degree at Harvard Seminary, a professor suggested that he treat his career as a priest.
\"He started to invite different spiritual leaders to discuss with the board how to use spiritual principles to manage the company,\" said Neil of the Tyson center . \".
In addition to protectionism, the company seeks to \"create a better world by exchanging our beliefs, experiences and hopes \". \"3.
Tyson Foods
The world\'s largest chicken company employs a team of pastors who are responsible for the production facilities and the staff of the company\'s office.
Other companies also outsource such services, but companies rarely leave priests on payslips.
According to Tyson\'s website, \"priests provide compassionate pastoral care and pastoral services to team members and their families, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs . \".
\"Tyson recently gave money to set up the Tyson faith and spirit center at the University of Arkansas, the first of its kind academic centers. 4. Hobby Lobby.
This private chain of more than 450 arts and crafts stories is not shy about its Christian orientation.
\"By operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles, everything we do is to respect God,\" the company\'s mission statement wrote . \".
\"We believe that it is God\'s grace and supply that the Hobby Lobby has endured.
\"The company supports a range of Christian interests from Oral Roberts University to the conservative Union Defense Fund and is known for advertising religious newspapers in public during the holidays.
Follow the CNN Faith blog on twitter. ServiceMaster.
Never heard of this company?
Perhaps some of the residential service companies it owns, such as Terminix and American Home Shield, will sound the alarm.
The company was established in 1929 by Marion E.
According to the service emaster website, Wade \"has a strong personal belief and wants to respect God in everything he does \".
\"He turned this into a market where every employee and client was created in the image of God --
It deserves dignity and respect.
Theodore Mallucci said: \"The company was previously public, but was recently taken over by a private equity company, still consciously trying to \"do the right thing in the way employees treat their customers, the leader of the Yale mental capital program.
\"This is a theological statement about servant leadership --
Think of the picture of Christ washing the feet of his disciples. \"6. Herman Miller. The Michigan-
The founder of the furniture maker was immersed in the Reformed Protestant tradition.
\"In the practice surrounding the concept of respecting human dignity and the strong environmental ethics generated from religious responsibility, it retains a lot of such content, says Mallucci of Yale University.
In fact, Herman Miller
Perhaps the most famous is its Aeron chair.
Proud of environmental philanthropy and regular presence on Fortune\'s list of best working companies of the year. 7.
Interstate Battery.
The car battery giant has a \"self\"
Lake Lambert III, author of the spiritual company, says he has made religious identity public and is very open in internal training and communication
Nom Miller, former president of the company, turned to the chairman in order to have more time to speak to Christian listeners.
According to the company\'s website, Miller spoke to people who were \"interested in how he discovered the Christian truth\" and how he learned to apply Bible principles effectively to create more successful businesses.
The Interstate has its own pastor. 8. In-N-Out Burger. Chick-fil-
A is hardly the only fast
Use the founder\'s religious tendencies as part of the recipe. Western U. S.
Burger chain-N-
At least since the end of 1980, Out has printed quotations from Bible passages on cups, wrappers and other packages.
For example, \"John 3: 16\" appears at the bottom of the soft drink cup, a reference to the Bible passage, \"because God loves the world so much, he gives his only son, if you believe in him, don\'t perish. you must have eternal life.
Read more about In-N-
The religious aspect of Eatocracy comes out of the food blog of CNN. 9. Walmart.
Take this as a glorious thing.
Lambert said the Walton family founded the company and still holds a large stake in the company, which used the Christian servant leadership model when building the world\'s largest retailer.
The company\'s roots in Arkansas have also given it a keen understanding of the shopping habits of people who go to church.
This helps explain why Wal-Mart has long held Christian books that used to be the exclusive province of Christian bookstores.
\"You can\'t find this kind of thing in J. C.
Said Lambert.
But Wal-Mart has been very successful in these materials, and now it has become a commercial threat to Christian booksellers.
Editor\'s note: Earlier versions of the story erroneously reported Whole Foods
Founder and CEO John McKee is a Buddhist.
Kate Lowery, Global PR director at Whole Foods, says Mackey has never been a Buddhist.
\"John is not suitable for any traditional religious category,\" she said in an emailmail message.
I think most of these companies are Christians, but what about Wal-Mart? ? ? REALLY! ! !
Maybe the old man is still alive, but his child is Satan himself!
IB \"it\'s time for the American people to make a decision on this speech, wake up the American people, it\'s time to stop sleeping, click on the video BELOWl Barack Obama\'s link to the Israeli people [
Youtube = will you spam here with the same crap?
Thank you very much for this list.
I will definitely visit them like a chicken. fil-
This is something that often happens.
I will also continue to support outstanding organizations such as the American Family Association.
The attempt to boycott any business is ridiculous.
The Hobby Hall has been playing bad versions of \"Christian\" music-disgusting bad, but their treatment of customers is hardly Christ --like.
I have seen more than one example of rejecting a legitimate return.
A few years ago, I bought a resin swan in a hobby Hall in Albuquerque, which reminds me of one of my favorite childhood stories-the ugly duckling.
The little chocolate was not priced so I asked a clerk to price it.
He did it and took me to the checkout counter where I was going to buy it.
He told the cashier the price he gave me and she called the manager.
The manager came to the counter and looked at the little resin Swan and said to the clerk, \"Why did you Price him at this price;
If we sell it at this price, we will lose money. . .
We spent more money wholesale than that.
Then she shrugged her shoulders and panted and said, \"Well, just give it to him at this price, but you know, you didn\'t pay us all for it.
\"What is playing in the background is false\" Christian \"music, and I want to go out because it is officially humiliated by\" kind \"\" Christian \"commercial women.
But it\'s already packed, it\'s packed, the cashier is waiting for me to pay. So, I did.
I came home with a simple little treasure and put it away, B/c it always reminded me first of all from the \"Christian\" business manager in the \"good, Hobby Hall. TRUE STORY!
So, don\'t shop there, I will double the shopping! Thanks Mr. Green!
You forgot Domino\'s Pizza and Panera Bread (
Many franchisees have added Bible references to their holding company names).
I don\'t want to inform Sir.
Cathy, but God has also created me, and he continues to show me his unwavering, eternal, unbiased love for me!
He doesn\'t need any cheerleaders, and I know I\'m not perfect and qualified to judge.
Our beliefs, morals, and values are not based on the fact that we are gathered in chik-fil-
This is based on how we treat the other children of God.
You know those who are not like you, those who are not like you, they don\'t look, act, worship, walk, talk or act like you!
How can you love him when you don\'t love me?
How can you love me if you laugh at me?
If you can\'t stand being in the same world as me, how can you lead me to Christ?
How do you pray to your father for another of his children to suffer a discriminatory and eternal curse?
Why is his blessing to talk to you and his scourge to me? Mr.
Cathy used the ignorance of Christianity to make money, and they were fooled!
You walk in without faith! Exactly.
Thank you for putting Christianity in the right angle.
Ram Emanuel sends a dead fish to his opponent and then thinks he has the right to call someone else hateful?
Did he drive all the individuals and businesses run by racists and so on out of Chicago?
Do we really want to start this war? Really?
This is completely stupid.
He is not a religious person.
Cathy\'s question.
He has a big mouth.
What he did was tasteless and tacky, and he did not know who he had offended.
He called on a small number of people
Stupid fool, deprived of their cash with his overpriced, overrated chicken sand.
Everyone has their own opinion or belief system about something, but this does not mean that we have to say what we think. I think this is a marketing strategy.
It\'s a bad taste to let people we think are unpopular hear us talk about them, but it\'s completely unacceptable to openly discriminate and insult homosexuality, he may have made some extra money, but he pretends to love God and will show him his mistakes.
Many of his customers are gay, but money is money!
I admire his Christian point of view as it speaks of this in itself, and he should state that his success is based on his Christian values and leave on it!
I personally don\'t care what the founder or CEO of the company believes.
Really, I don\'t know.
As long as they don\'t put millions of dollars in corporate profits into hate groups on the edge and then brag about it as if it was a good thing.
Return the excess profits to your employees;
Set up bursaries for qualified students who work for or relate to your employees.
Set up a donation fund for community infrastructure or provide food for local homeless people.
Make positive changes with all this money.
I am a true Christian. . . Chick-fil-
A free medical/dental insurance available
Free day care for eyesight
Onsite gym and free lunch for all company staff.
They also worked out a scholarship program for their chain staff and developed the Winship Foundation for Children.
They are able to provide this care and compensation because they are a privately owned company and do not have to be responsible for the greedy self
Service for stock holders.
Another interesting fact is that they never cut one person off!
Private companies like this seem to use their faith in Christianity to bash and belittle people they disagree.
It\'s disgusting that the church is separated from the country.
Faith = intolerance to others.
As an atheist, I tend to agree with some of your points.
But I think you forgot that these are private companies, so the separation of the Church and the state does not really apply to their personal donations (
As long as it is not in conflict with state or federal law).
Intolerance is not faith;
This is a loyalty that lacks understanding who is not tolerated.
We announce good news about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT)
In the case that we have been silent, we apologize publicly.
As a disciple of Jesus, he assured us that the truth made us free and we realized that the debate was over.
The verdict came out.
Homosexuality is no disease, no choice, no sin.
We find that there is no reasonable biblical or theological basis to condemn or deny the rights of any person based on sexual orientation.
The silence of many people has monopolized the views of the public by political and religious speech, giving the impression that there is only one Christian point of view on this issue.
However, as Christians, we recognize and celebrate that we are far from being alone because we recognize that homosexuality, bisexuals and transsexuals are unique, sacred and precious gifts for all those who strive to be God\'s big family
In the process of repentance and obedience to the Holy Spirit, we stand with those who are committed to work and pray for full acceptance and inclusion of LGBT people.
We regret that LGBT people are condemned and rejected by political and religious individuals and institutions who claim to be talking about the truth of Christian teaching.
This leads directly and indirectly to intolerance, discrimination, suffering and even death.
The Holy Spirit forced US :-
Affirming that the essence of Christian life is not to focus on sexual orientation, but how one lives by Grace in a relationship with God, with compassion for humanity; -
Embrace our LGBT brothers and sisters in all areas of church life, including leadership; -
It is declared that violence must stop.
The love of Christ prompts us to strive to heal wounded souls, victims of abuse that are often transmitted in the name of Christ; -
Celebrate the prophetic testimony of all those who refuse to let the voices of intolerance and violence speak for Christianity, especially those who meet the hatred of love, gay, bisexual and transgender;
We therefore call for an end to all religious and civil discrimination against anyone based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.
All laws must include and protect the freedom, rights and equal legal status of all persons inside and outside the church. Well put. I agree.
You forgot to lobby for hobbies, thank you, I will make sure to visit these companies and not provide me with Amazon and Starbuks anymore, nor will puppets all support gay companies.
My money to my people.
Yes, I will put the Hobby Hall in 4 of the list.
I\'m going to stick with companies like puppets, Starbucks, Google, etc instead of going into any of the above.
Roberta, you know, these puppets are communists too. Yeah? !
That\'s what I heard.
Roberta, be sure to tell you who you know and love.
You will make the world a better place. John 8:47-
Those who belong to God listen to the word of God.
The reason you didn\'t hear is that you don\'t belong to God. \"John 3:18-
\"Those who believe him have not been convicted, but those who do not believe have been convicted because he does not believe in the name of the only son of God. \"John 8:44-
\"You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to fulfill your father\'s wishes.
He was a murderer from the beginning and did not insist on the truth because there was no truth in him.
When he lies, he speaks his native language because he is a liar and the father of lies.
\"Very simple atheist, you don\'t belong to God, but you are indeed the devil.
That is why it is impossible for you to believe because God is not in you and does not know you.
Let us read what Jesus said to those who did not belong to him on the day of judgment. Matthew 25:41-
He will also say to them, you will leave me, be cursed, and enter the eternal fire that is prepared for the devil and his angels.
\"I don\'t believe in the devil either. Praise God.
I thought Alaska Airlines were Christians too.
Given that the United States is primarily religious, mainly Christine, I guess the left will find it difficult to find a non-religious business, and you can also protest in general. . . . . .
Think about the things on the left that will run out because they resist everyone at all. . Oh wait! !
Democrats have religious beliefs. you should resist your religious beliefs.
Is there a spelling checkers on the right?
According to your post, I don\'t think so.
The word is Christian rather than \"Kristin\" and most Americans are not actually \"Christians\" and Americans who claim to be Christians are only nominal Christians.
Christianity is one of the most destructive and controlled religions in human history and is responsible for millions of murders in history.
Christians torture and kill millions of innocent people simply because they suspect they believe in something other than Christian dogma.
In fact, Christianity is one of the greatest fantasies of all time, without any historical basis.
Most Christians do not know the history of Jesus without a trace of historical evidence or proof of the same period.
The more we know about the actual history of the first millennium in Palestine, the more Jesus disappears like a ghost.
Jesus is a myth like Apollo and Hercules, and Christianity is only a fusion of Mediterranean paganism, Egyptian mystical religion, Jewish Essenism, and Grrek and Roman elements.
You don\'t make sense, writing like an 8 year old. John 8:47-
Those who belong to God listen to the word of God.
The reason you didn\'t hear is that you don\'t belong to God. \"John 3:18-
\"Those who believe him have not been convicted, but those who do not believe have been convicted because he does not believe in the name of the only son of God. \"John 8:44-
\"You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to fulfill your father\'s wishes.
He was a murderer from the beginning and did not insist on the truth because there was no truth in him.
When he lies, he speaks his native language because he is a liar and the father of lies. \"Matthew 13:38-
\"The field is the world, and the good seed represents the son of the kingdom.
Weeds are sons of evil John 3: 16
Because God loved the world so much, he gave his only son, who believed that his people would not perish, but had eternal life.
Corinthians Book 4: 3-4-
\"Even if our gospel is covered, it is covered for those who are dying.
God of this time blinded the mind of the unbelievers so that they could not see the light of the Gospel showing the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.
\"It is very simple that those who do not believe do not belong to God.
I know it\'s really bad, but it\'s true.
Now you understand why it is impossible for you to believe it because you have been condemned.
You were blinded by your father.
You are not of God, but of the devil, and according to the word of God Almighty, The Devil and his seed will perish forever. P. S.
\"I would rather live my life, as if there were God, to die in order to find out that there was no God, than to live my life, as if I had died without God.
\"Albert kamusa! That\'s funny.
A quote from a fairy tale.
You might as well recite Aesop\'s fable. . . .
He also said that religion is a form of suicide, but only an interference.
Use inspirational quotes without understanding. . .
Another religious cliché
This is your stupidity.
You think there is some irrefutable evidence and logic cited from the book 2,000 years ago. They don\'t.
Don\'t take it out of context. Neither do in-
A contextual reference to the matter.
It\'s all human creation.
Both opinions and explanations.
None is objective.
None of them is indisputable.
First of all, you have to prove that all the various works collectively referred to as the \"Bible\" are the words of God that are correct and correct, and only in this way can we talk about what these works are trying to tell us.
If your audience does not recognize the Bible as an authority, quoting the Bible will do nothing for you.
Don\'t waste your time on them.
Their father made them blind.
Shake the Dust off your feet and move on. God Bless! Pizza Ranch?
Are you not ready for their mission statement?
About the glory of God. .
What I want to say is that you will be on such a list.
Interestingly, Forever 21 is listed as such a religious company, given what they sell.
Yes, you may put a Bible verse in your bag, but sometimes you will still sell inflammatory costumes. . .
The way to keep American girls elegant forever. ! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher ! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps. fisher! /bootstraps.
Fishercnn Faith blog covers the belief perspective of the biggest story of the day, from breaking news to politics to entertainment, promoting a global dialogue on the role of religion and faith in the lives of readers.
This was edited by CNN\'s Daniel Burke, who contributed by Eric Marrapodi and CNN\'s global news collection team.
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