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6 famous people whose identities we still don\'t know

by:Xilong      2019-08-26
We live in a culture that does not value anonymity.
It\'s hard to drive to lunch-
For example, there is no need to log in on at least three social media sites.
To understand how much things have changed, some people have become the world --
But no one knows whose name.
All we know is that they are. .
On June 1989, the world was cleaning up the Exxon Valdez oil spill, waiting for the fall of the Berlin Wall to prepare for M\'s careerC.
Began to pay attention to China\'s protests against communism.
It started in Beijing in April, and it was not until the beginning of June that the Chinese authorities realized, \"Wait, aren\'t we China ? \"?
We cannot tolerate this situation.
As a result, the authorities immediately ordered an end to the protests, with China firmly cracking down on all protesters, troops and tanks attacking Beijing and its Tiananmen Square in focus.
Protesters fled the massacre. Except for .
Onlookers took shopping bags and a row of tanks drove into the square, then climbed up the tank and started talking to the crew.
It happened for a few minutes and it wasn\'t until two random people ran up and dragged him away that the tank crew would consider how to clean up their protester tank pedals.
The man briefly stopped the government tank on his own and appeared in one of the most iconic photos and video clips in the history of the world, and no one heard from him anymore.
After the incident, the report was incomplete and contradictory.
The man is 19, according to a British newspaper. year-
The old classmate named Wang Weilin.
Other people said he didn\'t.
The newspaper went on to claim that he was arrested for trying to subvert Communism and \"rogue (
China obviously has a completely different view of \"rogue).
However, no one named Wang Weilin is known to exist except for some incarnations.
When the Communist Party of China checked his name, they claimed no record of him was found.
Many Western officials insist that the man was executed a few weeks after the incident, while those taking part in the protests claim that he is still alive somewhere in China.
In an interview on 1990, Communist Party General Secretary Barbara Walters said that he did not know if the man had been arrested, but he comforted him by saying, \"I think he has never been killed.
\"We may never know who he is, but the man did many things that others could not do: walk up to a moving tank and talk about it alive.
At least for a while.
V-the kiss on
J days in Times Square
The victory over Japan brought joy to the world.
Well, except Japan)
And marked the end of World War II in 1945.
Many images of V-
J Day is a very iconic day, such as \"V-
Pictures of J Day in Sydney.
However, the most famous is a picture of a sailor kissing a nurse taken by Alfred eisensett in Times Square.
Since this photo was taken in 1945, the identity of the kisser in one of the most iconic photos ever was still huge in public debate.
People go for too long. the-
The most ridiculous thing is that you would think there is some sort of major cash reward included in it.
The real controversy is about the male sailor. -
The woman in the picture is usually considered a former nurse named Edith Shane, who claims she has been working and heard from the end of the war.
She ran to the street and a sailor hugged her and kissed her.
Thank you for the service provided by the United StatesS.
Armed Forces, she asked him to do so.
In addition, he was trained to kill people.
There is still some debate about the issue, but there is not as much debate around the person.
At least a dozen people claim to be sailors in the picture, and they go out of their way to prove it.
A gentleman has a unique birthmark that clearly matches the man in the picture, he and Shain actually dated briefly after a \"party\" and later they made a connection.
Another man accepted and passed 10 lie detector tests in order to prove his identity.
McDuffie also posed while kissing the pillow, taking 100 photos taken by a crime consultant specializing in facial recognition technology.
However, the best person in the story must be the Mitsubishi Electric Research lab to analyze his photos (MERL)
Cambridge, Massachusetts
To prove his identity.
He claimed to have consumed a rather generous V-
Date the woman he will marry later.
They left a movie and saw the crowd on the street screaming that the war was over.
When he saw a nurse coming over, he kissed her.
Kicker: According to Mendonsa, his wife is actually in a picture in the background.
She obviously likes the \"open relationship\" because she laughs happily.
Two plagues occurred in California in the late 1960 s: hippies and Zodiac Killers.
Named after the pseudonym used in his letter to the district police, he is one of the most notorious serial killers in modern history.
His victims were couples outside San Francisco on 1968 and 1969;
Authorities confirmed that at least five people were killed and two were injured, but Zodiac claimed dozens more were killed.
He also left a series of mysterious notes that were seen twice. -
Wearing a strange Hood at a time, no Hood at a time.
Since the end of the killing, the Zodiac murder has become one of the best murders
Not only in the United States is knownS.
But around the world.
The use of mysterious things in the zodiac and his love of leaving bizarre, encrypted things inspired many movie and TV series killers.
Until today, the Zodiac Killer has been.
It was not until 1991 that a leading suspect was arrested that he was found.
He matched the killer\'s appearance and even had the same type of typewriter as the infamous notes.
In addition, he talked to his colleagues at the gas station and discussed the idea of a book about a killer named Zodiac, who will murder lovers like the real Zodiac.
He has a lot of bombs and weapons in his basement.
One survivor identified Alan as the killer.
Well, s ** t, why is this mystery?
Here\'s your man. Actually, no.
Alan\'s fingerprints don\'t match the zodiac.
The man was never even prosecuted.
If you think the police have just messed up, his DNA was tested in 2002 against the DNA collected in 1968, and the result is exactly the opposite.
Despite these strange connections, he is not the one.
While some of the others stood up, they were also cleaned up.
Now, it is clear that many people have escaped murder.
Other serial killers have never been caught.
But this guy is not only the object of a nationwide obsession and angry, expensive investigation, he is also.
If you do something like this, how long do you think you\'ll run away from the capture?
You have potential DNA, fingerprints, writing style analysis, psychological analysis in the content of the letter, witnesses watching you post, tracking on the letter --
Write equipment and supplies, track the location of your mail, DNA and fingerprints of the location. . . need we go on?
You would think that guy would be booked on that damn afternoon.
On the contrary, the case is still under trial, but the police are not closer to finding the murderer than they were more than 40 years ago.
The lady can prove or refute all Kennedy conspiracy theories, for those who fail in basic history, wellknown playboy (
President of the United States)John F.
Kennedy, TX, 63 years in November 19.
Kennedy, a local member of the Communist Party named Lee Harvey Oswald, came from a building across from Kennedy\'s passing motorcade, but there are some major conspiracy theories that say, either true or at least a second shooter, placed on a small river embankment, is now known as the \"grass hill \".
The people who attended the assassination saw what happened. -
Some are better than others.
Probably the best of them.
The known person who will never be identified is \".
\"Wear\" the headscarf, she is from the Zapruder film (
The only recording of the assassination)
When the car was shot, he was standing opposite the team.
More importantly, she is taking pictures of it. . .
She aimed her camera at the grassy hill.
Essentially, if conspiracy theories are true and there is a secret shooter on the grass, it is likely that unless she has been wearing a lens cover, Ms. babushka took him a few pictures.
Surprisingly, although there were many clear pictures of women that day, no one was recognized yet.
Only one person actually stood up.
1970, late night dancers (i. e. , stripper)
The lady named babushka stood up.
She even wrote a book claiming that federal agents came to get her movie and never returned it.
It\'s convincing that until you see small things like she doesn\'t even have evidence to prove she\'s there, or she claims to use a camera model that wasn\'t made until the end of 1960, or video experts say the woman is clearly in the middle.
Oliver was only 17 years old.
Of course, the reason why the Kennedy assassination plot is so fascinating is that someone may have actually killed a world leader and escaped punishment.
From John Wilks booth, assassins usually leave their names on history books. But not . . .
The Swedish prime minister\'s 1986 killer, Swedish Prime Minister Orlov Palme, and his wife are on their way home from a movie in downtown Stockholm.
A man with a pistol jumped out of the shadow and pointed it to him with a gun.
Pam\'s bodyguard soon overpowered him, right?
No, Pam doesn\'t believe in bodyguards because Sweden is safe and everything is safe.
A bit wrong because he was shot soon.
The murder sparked questions about the safety of the Swedish prime minister, gun control, and possibly the most pressing questions about who did it.
Assassins are always in the spotlight, right?
What crazy cause did they turn into assassins to promote?
Even if not, it is impossible for them to survive nationwide. Right?
It will take more than two years to arrest a suspect.
Palme\'s wife has picked a junkie from the lineup by the name of twister Pettersson, but he is released because no weapons are found and he has no real motive for the crime
Pam suspected that he would choose him.
The Swedish authorities went international without suspects.
From the German terrorist group to Hitler in Yugoslavia, many have been proposed.
But perhaps the most compelling thing is the apartheid argument.
Times South Africa ordered a strike.
Palme, as we all know, publicly opposed, saying a week before he was killed, \"apartheid cannot be reformed and must be eliminated.
\"Palme is also working to secure an early release for Nelson Mandela, who could have been elected as president much earlier than in 1994.
Former South African police even revealed to Swedish authorities the names of the people they claimed ordered to shoot and shoot.
But so far the assassin is still the only Western prime minister or presidential killer in history to escape the unknown.
When the words \"serial killer\" and \"Victorian\" are combined, you will most likely find the best --
Known serial killers of all time :.
While intimidating prostitutes in London in 1888, playful Jack managed to kill five prostitutes, while leaving London he was shocked by who he was and came up with crazy theories calling for bloodshed
The London police went out of their way: they went door-to-door to inquire about the murder and investigate the suspects, almost equivalent to the 19 th century CSI team.
However, no one brought Jack in, no one came up and claimed to be him, and by 1890 the hysteria had disappeared.
Although we are almost a cold case since 1888, we still don\'t know who that person is.
Any details about the case are controversial.
For example, the police believe that the Ripper may be a surgeon or a butcher due to the way the killings occurred.
Others say it is impossible because there is little skill required to kill people.
At that time, the media and police did not agree on the suspect.
Police mainly favor immigrants and eccentric citizens, and the media suspect there are people from doctors to people with syphilis.
Even today, researchers, including members of the royal family and writer Lewis Carroll, cannot agree.
Like the Zodiac killer, Jack left some clues.
At the scene of a murder, he hung \"Juwes will not be blamed\" on the wall.
As Cracked pointed out, he actually sent a letter to the police, half of which
Eat the human kidney.
Unfortunately, the police actually provided all the evidence of the letters and kidneys, thus ensuring modern DNA, fingerprints, handwriting and paper
After more than a century, there will be no opportunity for type analysis to reveal identity.
We are still not closer to finding the killer than we were more than 100 years ago, and it may remain that way.
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