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5 ways people are trying to save the world (that don\'t work)

by:Xilong      2019-08-26
Between a hybrid, reusable canvas shopping bags and cloth diapers, everyone is doing their part to save the world.
In order to meet the needs of our society, the whole industry has emerged --
Responsible type, they want the robot to take over and leave a better world to inherit.
But most of the time, what makes you feel better is everything it does. For instance. . .
Buying organic food seems like no. brainer.
Chemical fertilizers, hormones and pesticides are not used in organic foods.
Removing all these harmful chemicals means healthier food and less pollution to the planet.
Anything organic or natural has to be better for you, right?
Just like the opposite side of the cream cake you eat here.
So what\'s the problem with eating healthier food and saving the planet?
Nothing but that.
Even if you can afford itmuch)higher prices.
Oh, the impact on the Earth may be worse.
The interesting thing about these fertilizers and pesticides is that there is a reason for their invention, which is to increase food production.
Organic agriculture has proved to be very inefficient.
Holding hands, thinking about peaceful thoughts, is of no help to the pests who want to eat your crops and the weeds who want to put them out.
An acre of farmland at present.
The same is true of meat and poultry.
Chemicals have done this for us.
Take them away and suddenly you have less food on every acre of land.
According to some people who won the Nobel Prize, we can feed 4 billion people if we use all organic food.
This sounds great except for the 2 Th.
5 billion people will have nothing to eat.
It turns out that despite claims that the chemicals used in agriculture are harmful to us.
How is it possible?
This is mainly due to the fact that people are able to afford more fruits and vegetables because chemicals allow more fruits and vegetables to be grown.
This is one of the reasons.
Organic agriculture has its own problems in terms of the environment.
Because of the much lower efficiency, there is actually a shortage of organic food.
This led to people.
We are not scientists but we believe that in a truck that runs 900 miles on the road, transporting organic milk with diesel smoke may cancel any environmental benefits you get from organic food.
Oh, did we mention that organic farming uses a lot of fertilizer to fertilize crops?
This leads to a greater risk of pollution.
Although organic produce accounts for only 1% of the food supply, it basically accounts for the food supply, and you have a greater risk of eating sandwiches, although it is organic, it is still organic.
Because the chemical cocktail in the vaccine is poisoning our children, refuse to vaccinate!
Depending on the website or episode you\'re watching, the vaccine contains toxic mercury that leads to everything from autism to sudden infant death syndrome, which is a terrible medical term that you can use without \"meat\"
\"Eat\" or \"chicken\"melting.
One sentence: Science.
When people push
Agenda for vaccination
Although some people seem to do it from their knees
Fear of \"big pharma\"
Their claims are not supported by actual research.
Clearly, the whole autism scare was based on a 1998 report that was later rejected by all major health organizations.
In the world of science, this is equivalent to talking nonsense to yourself.
As for sudden infant death syndrome, there are actually studies showing it.
This is the way science says \"you\'re wrong.
\"Many arguments against vaccination focus on the fact that preservatives used in some vaccines contain mercury.
There are only two issues with this:, they stopped using it in 2001.
We\'re not saying there\'s no risk for vaccines.
As with any medication, some children may have adverse reactions.
But the chances of serious side effects are small.
The problem is that when enough parents decide not to vaccinate their children, those small bacteria factories start doing what they do best.
Then you end up with some snobbish babies, running around like some kind of very cute zombie apocalypse, infecting people.
We all believe that unless we all recycle, our forests will soon become barren and we will live in the mountains of our own dirty style.
Less resources should also be used to reduce pollution.
What may be the problem?
Before we all can\'t breathe due to lack of oxygen, the image of the paper industry is always ridiculous;
Over the past 50 years, logging companies have grown more wood to ensure future supplies.
Equally stupid, the warnings most of us have received as we grow up, the stories about spilled landfill sites, filled with garbage that takes thousands of years to biodegradable.
At least in the United States, we have never been in danger of walking through garbage streets.
An expert at the University of Gonzaga, who has a lot of time on his hand, will fill up 1,000 yards of 35 square miles of landfill in the next 100 years, according to the current speed.
It sounds like one of those \"sacred things!
\"Terrible numbers before you think about it.
In addition, this will be the accumulation of more than 1,000 years, when we should have more things to worry about.
As for saving resources by recycling, this is a tricky issue.
This is partly because recycling saves resources depending on whether you think manpower is a resource (
That is, the efforts to pick up, sort out and transfer the items to be recycled).
Supervise the whole process.
In Los Angeles alone, the number of garbage trucks is twice as large as that without recycling plans.
Just like those who drive to the gym and run on the treadmill, but still hop on the car and go to the corner shop to get the pigskin and soda bean bags, it\'s not clear how much good it will be at the end of the day. Also, re-
Using something is not always better than throwing it away.
A chemist at the University of Victoria calculated that before you see the benefits of using a disposable polystyrene cup for this 1,000 cup of coffee.
This is because more energy is needed to make the Cup, and energy and water are needed to clean it after each use.
Now it\'s clear that you can\'t take it to the extreme and pursue a way of life for all --
Disposable plates and clothes, and where each ink pen is sold in a box made of 3 pounds cardboard and plastic.
But the problem has never been as serious as they have always told us.
Using antibacterial soap bacteria can make us sick.
The only way for us
Our precious children)
Keeping healthy is killing those assholes.
We mean the bacteria there, not the precious children.
You can get anything antibacterial these days: hand sanitizer, edible underpants, gun oil.
We will eradicate these bacteria soon!
Nature is an interesting thing. Not \"knock-
It\'s funny to knock on the joke \"funny, but\" terrible pain before death.
The problem with biology is that while it\'s really easy to kill a lot of things, it\'s much harder to kill something.
Survivors tend to be more difficult and angry.
As a result, there is concern that when weaker bacteria are killed by our shelf of antibacterial products, stronger bacteria are killed, leaving only resistant bacteria.
The magic of Darwin.
This has already happened with S. aureus, which has produced strains that laugh at penicillin like Superman laughs at bullets, except that Superman won\'t let you produce pus
After filling the boil and killing you.
If the idea of super bacteria is not terrible enough, then the chemicals we use to try to kill these bacteria may actually make us sick as well.
Antibacterial soap and active ingredients in the nervous system.
In fact, 75% of people find chemicals in their urine that cause this concern, which means that the poison may be in your Vienna right now.
If all this is not ironic enough for you, then think about it in the long run, it might be worse for us to remove all of these bacteria.
Scientists believe that children raised in sterile environments can produce more allergic reactions.
The theory is that these children are not exposed to bacteria and the immune system.
Basically, it means that our immune system is playing instead of playing Iron, karate, and hitting hot girls.
The study found that the last nail in this wrong and mixed metaphor comedy was.
One more marketing stunt.
You think it would be great to make the earth a damn Tatooine and you might be in favor of stopping global warming.
Carbon offsets should make your carbon neutral, and by paying to make others reduce their carbon dioxide production, the equivalent of the amount you drain into the air with your decadent Hummer --
Driving lifestyle.
At the end of the day, like buying a bracelet for your girlfriend after a night in the Champagne Room, it\'s controversial whether you\'re doing anything other than paying to clean up your guilt.
You buy a promise from others that they will reduce their carbon emissions to a certain extent.
The current problem is.
The survey found that people often buy offset products.
Even if the companies that provide the offset stick to the end, there may not be any additional benefits because the companies that get your credit have planned to reduce emissions.
For example, the company sells carbon compensation under a plan to reduce methane gas in landfill sites.
It sounds great until the survey shows.
This part of the plan is good, but it completely undermines the whole concept of buying and selling carbon offsets.
Nothing was offset.
\"Man, what can we trust if we can\'t trust a painless\" free \"plan to save the world?
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