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5 reasons san francisco is still the worst awesome city ever

by:Xilong      2019-08-25
I used to live in San Francisco.
Of course, it\'s only three months, but it doesn\'t stop me from being like some expert.
Reaction from local people (
At least those who read far enough understand that I didn\'t attack their city)
Quite positive, which is comforting, but there is a problem that has been bothering me since that column: did I really spend enough time in San Francisco to confirm that all my points worked?
It\'s hard to say, but with this column, I\'m trying to take more steps to confirm that everything I think is true.
The first is the column itself.
It\'s been more than a year since I lived in San Francisco, and during that time, a lot of news coverage led me to believe that, in fact, my assessment of the city was correct.
These are discussed in the text of this article.
However, if I don\'t let anyone who knows more about San Francisco tell me I\'m wrong, what fun do I have to say out loud about what I think about San Francisco?
To this end, I invited my friends and former San Francisco landlords to this week\'s podcast.
He is a writer and comedian, and most importantly, he has lived in San Francisco for many years and still has an apartment there.
Oh, he used to write for a broken article.
Can anyone tell me that all my views on the city are incorrect?
Speaking of new places, we recorded this episode in New York City.
I stayed there for two weeks and the good people there were friendly and asked me to use their space to record my gibberish.
If you record a podcast in New York and you don\'t record it there, then you\'re done.
Just look at that place!
Among other things, who else did I bring to manage.
He\'s an interesting guy.
When I was there, we did a stand-up show together.
Thanks to my friends)!
To align with the theme of today\'s article, we made the whole set about living in different places and quickly made a detour to discuss how bad Rolling Stone magazine has become.
We talked about San Francisco in the podcast, as I did in this post.
Listen to it when you read it!
San Francisco is still the worst city in the United States for five reasons.
About FilthFilth was the first thing I put forward in my original column about San Francisco, mainly because it was the first thing I put forward and I discussed San Francisco.
Before I lived there, everything I had seen in the city made it look like an open sequence, nothing more than that.
To say that this is inaccurate, it may be the definition of understatement in the textbook.
Yes, the area they show you on TV and movies looks good, but we\'re talking about a city.
These \"good places\" are not within the financial resources of most residents, and people can only escape to less beautiful neighborhoods, such as the mission area (
Median monthly rent is only $2,675).
You\'ll find a lot of homeless people in that block, probably because it looks like the block you moved to was the last effort to save enough money to avoid homelessness.
So, since I left, what is the word about the dirty San Francisco? Oh, not much --it\'s just .
This is not exactly the case.
It\'s more like the effort to clean up the dirt is killing people.
Three people have been killed by garbage trucks in San Francisco since last May.
Not just garbage trucks, but garbage trucks from the same company.
If this doesn\'t look much, take the time to think about how many times in the past year have been present at work and hear a colleague
The workers killed people.
This is a rare phenomenon, at least.
If you recomology at work!
They have been killing people these days!
Late last year, the two were shot and killed in less than a month apart.
On the 5 th of the same year, a rectruck truck crashed into a bicyclist without a helmet.
Of course, most of the killers did not start causing casualties outside the gate.
Serial killers usually start by torturing animals.
Before heading for a bigger crime, the garbage truck that killed people started.
So, in retrospect, I still think garbage is a problem in San Francisco, just not as big as people cleaning up garbage.
What exactly is the misguided community supporting the city and the bus?
When it\'s time for a man to know you won\'t accept it anymore, go
The way for San Francisco residents is to make sure that people are not able to go to work.
So how convenient is it to choose a new enemy in the Bay Area?
This is the Franciscan-than-
Affectionately called Google bus.
What is its crime?
Well, this is a privately owned bus that can bring people living in San Francisco to work in Silicon Valley (
Not just in Google, on the record)
You don\'t need to drive your own car or use public transportation.
I know. I\'m angry, too.
Except obviously I\'m not, because isn\'t this the best option to get thousands of people from one place to another every day?
Everyone driving a car is the opposite of environmental protection, and people in San Francisco have proved that they care about the city becoming the first person to drive in 2007.
Of course, it also proves that \"care\" and \"understanding\" are two completely different things.
So far, about a million studies have shown that paper bags are actually, but that hasn\'t stopped San Francisco from expanding the ban to include more businesses twice since it was implemented.
It won\'t win me a lot of fans among professional protesters in San Francisco, but I think they are also wrong with Google buses.
The thing is this: most protests are focused on the idea that rent near Google bus stops is growing at a higher rate than in other parts of the city.
So, logically, Google bus has contributed to the middle class in San Francisco.
Where do people get this idea?
As far as I know, this is written by a student at the University of California, Berkeley.
One of the evidence it contains is this chart that compares the rent within walking distance of Google bus station and the rent outside that range.
Yes, there must be some increase in the \"walkable\" area.
Outside these areas, of course, there are also some places where house prices are rising faster.
They are rising at exactly the same rate in another country.
What does all this mean? .
I mean, don\'t get me wrong, Google is totally evil, but in the list of reasons for \"providing reliable transportation for employees\", Google has to be near the bottom.
Even the protesters\' papers as meeting points have a whole page listing the limitations of the study that came to those conclusions.
Here are a few of my favorites: But before we can do that, let\'s assume that the bus is the problem and close the whole city.
After all, this is exactly what the report says you should do, and the author says the research has not actually proven the point she is trying to make.
San Francisco, the bus is not your demon.
Of course, unless you are riding a bike, you should probably be more concerned about the next point in this case.
Regarding the anarchy in the previous article, I mentioned that law enforcement officers in San Francisco are comparable to your average movie.
I didn\'t come back in person to confirm, but all the signs I received since I left told me that this didn\'t change.
For example: as long as this happens in this video, how does it continue? (
Look up, there\'s a lot of NSFW man-ass. )
This is a video of a crazy man terrorizing people at BART station on 16 th Street.
The description said he was happy with the bath salt, but recently a video of someone crazy claimed that the bath salt was also involved.
A naked acrobats revealed that his name was Yeiner Perez Garizabalo, and while the friend did not believe that Garizabalo was a drug addict, he thought he was getting kicked out
Profit circus, clown bomb.
Before you judge, think about how you will react if it is no longer allowed and non-executed
Profit circus
In this case, the naked handstand is absolutely the right response.
Yes, I know the video is only three minutes long, but isn\'t that the longest three minutes ever?
If you are like this poor woman, waiting for the police to show up to save you, they must be hell. . . . . . probably . . . . . . was.
When it comes to the police, if there are police around, the criminals in San Francisco can\'t be comfortable.
The Super Video.
The popular rapper was robbed on the streets of San Francisco in broad daylight.
Is the \"broad daylight\" section that makes me feel like criminals are not worried about the presence of the police?
No, in fact, his attackers won\'t chase him when the besieged rapper starts running. He after him.
Skipping rope is a game for easy men.
If the man was arrested for fear of robbing a well-known rap artist across the country in front of several witnesses, he did a fantastic job hiding.
It may be because he knows that in San Francisco these days, the police are more terrible than armed robbery.
San Francisco is not my purpose, as the public swears.
When I mentioned a few months ago that the fall had become an epidemic in the region, I certainly didn\'t expect anyone to take any action on it.
After all, it\'s not that you can justify stopping the bus route, it won\'t make the city have a lot of other options when it comes to protest.
However, in the months after the first column was published, a series of events took place in San Francisco, comparable to banning the smell of a giant clock on his chest.
If no one runs naked, it\'s not San Francisco, you know?
Before you ask me why I complain, if I support it so much now, I will ask you to read the last post again.
I have no objection to public nudity at all.
If there is no other reason, I am totally in favor of it, because it provides an excellent disguise when you are in a public place.
Once the naked man shows up, no one notices a damn thing you\'re doing, the naked man shows up in San Francisco.
Or at least he used.
It is illegal to be naked in public now.
Of course, in San Francisco, smoking marijuana without a \"doctor\" recommendation is still technically illegal.
So obviously I\'m not saying that the naked person is completely gone, I\'m just saying it\'s illegal now.
I also said that this is the direct result of the column I wrote in 2012, because how do you prove me wrong?
Oh, when it comes to things that you never thought would be disapproved of in San Francisco. . .
About the food in San Francisco?
Of all the unpleasant smells that float in your salty air, Bacon is the one that ultimately pushes people to the limit?
The smell of San Francisco is like the urine invented by its residents, but somehow the smell of bacon is too much?
I\'m trying to defend your status as a cool place, will you put a damn thing on my path?
Yes, the article is being read all over the world, and health officials closed a restaurant called bacon last spring.
Why shut down?
Because of the taste
People in San Francisco complain about the smell. Of bacon.
In San Francisco.
If I feel that in the last two paragraphs, I just repeat the same sentence over and over again, it\'s because I repeat it.
They do it when people are shocked.
I also swing back and forth while typing.
All common signs of emotional trauma are present;
You just don\'t know because I\'m writing about it, not having a mental breakdown of it in front of your eyes.
Of course, I\'m a bit exaggerated here.
First of all, the problem is not the taste of bacon, but the problem with the ventilation system.
It turns out that when bacon is mixed with oxygen, its smell can quickly become terrible.
You might think that the depressing smell of hobo Musk will devour all the oxygen available in the San Francisco atmosphere, but that\'s not the case.
In addition, the ban cleared the way for restaurants to reopen.
In fact, I raised this question in support of the point I made in the last column.
The last one I came for the first time was about the food in San Francisco.
My general premise is that in addition to having all the delicious food you may need, you can also get all the food in the world in San Francisco.
You don\'t have to travel to remote parts of the world to enjoy the strange food of Anthony Buldan on the tour Channel.
You can find it in the city.
Some people think I mean the food in San Francisco is terrible.
Those people will not read.
I am just saying that there is absolutely nothing in the city in terms of food.
If you need me to prove this, I think the story of Bacon proves this perfectly.
Do you know how many people would give up living near a restaurant that does nothing but cook bacon all day long?
I know people who will throw their loved ones out of the moving car and sit at a table in that place.
At the same time, a bacon shop was opened in San Francisco and everyone said, \"Hey, we can\'t smell urine anymore! Shut it down!
\"That\'s because they\'re not the bacon shop you think they are.
They may already have five or six.
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