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3- How to Choose luggage case for a 7-day long vacation?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
During the May Day holiday and the National Day holiday, such a long holiday has made China start a big move again. Many travel enthusiasts have packed their bags and happily joined the big move, however, there are still some new travelers who are sad, and the larger part does not know how to choose the right luggage case. Duangduang, let Xiao Bian help you. 1. A 3-day trip a 3-day trip is a small long vacation, which is a period of basic travel. In 3 days, no matter in summer or winter, you don't need too many clothes to bring. You only need to change two sets of clothes in turn, bring one more underwear, and bring one more sunscreen in summer, just bring an extra coat in winter. At this time, the trolley case only needs to choose an 18-inch trolley case and a small backpack to go on the road. The most convenient way to choose an 18-inch trolley case is to bring the trolley case together when boarding the plane. 2. 4- The 6-day travel time is a week's long vacation, and the places to go should involve more different environments, so in addition to the large number of clothes, you should also bring some outdoor supplies, such as caps, sports shoes, mosquito remover, calcium tablets and other outdoor products. At this time, the selected luggage case can be stored at about 22 inches. 3. More than 6 days of long travel, if there is a six-day long travel, I am willing to go abroad, or live in a place for a long time. At this time, the clothes don't seem to be so important, but the six-day travel time must have many souvenirs with local characteristics, so I will choose a 24-day holiday- The 28-inch luggage case can be used to find a hotel or inn to stay for a long time. When returning, the luggage case can be transported by air, and many souvenirs with local characteristics can be taken home for friends, colleagues and family. When the long holiday comes, the enterprise chooses to travel, and can customize a luggage case suitable for the travel time for the employees according to the travel time, with its own brand logo attached, in the welfare of employees, it is more for the promotion of their own company, the best of both worlds, and jointly create a beautiful team spirit.
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