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2017 gift backpack custom purchase plan, interpretation of simple aesthetics

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
As a travel necessity, backpacks play an increasingly important role in daily life. Whether you are going to work or traveling, carrying a practical and beautiful backpack can make travel more relaxed and comfortable. At present, more and more enterprises prefer customized backpacks as corporate gifts, but the styles of backpacks are various, which makes many purchasing personnel distressed. Below, Xilong luggage has compiled some customized purchase plans for 2017 gift backpacks, hoping to help you! 1, high texture fashion backpack, purchasing customized corporate gifts is a face project, not sloppy at all, this high texture fashion backpack is a very good choice! Its design is fashionable and generous, simple but not simple, its appearance is very textured, and its color value and practicality are both, so that the brand image of the enterprise can be perfectly interpreted! 2, minimalist style backpack, minimalism is becoming more and more popular, comfortable and simple is the style that people yearn. This minimalist style backpack is designed in solid color, with simple and neat lines and no Procrastination. A fresh artistic feeling is coming towards you, and the grade is off the charts! If the object of corporate gifts is young people who are pursuing fashion, consider customizing this minimalist backpack. 3, light and simple pleated backpack, delicate fold is a fashion element, applying this element to backpack design is a unique idea. This light and simple pleated backpack is designed to break the tradition. The front of the backpack is integrated with pleated elements, with rich layering and simple and elegant appearance. Corporate gifts pay attention to creativity. If you choose this style as a corporate gift, it will definitely become a sharp weapon! The heart is not as good as the action, the purchase of custom these fashion backpacks, whether as employee gifts, or as promotional gifts, can definitely receive satisfactory results! 2017 gift backpack customization look for Xilong luggage, Xilong luggage focus on luggage customization for 12 years, industry reputation guarantee, trustworthy!
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