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2015 Beijing International gift show, luggage customization has become the focus of attention

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
On September 13, 2015, the 32nd th China Beijing International gift, gift and household goods exhibition was grandly opened, opening the last autumn gift exhibition Procurement Conference in 2015. This top gift event is in Beijing ·China International Exhibition Center (Old Pavilion) In the 4000-square-meter exhibition hall, thousands of gift suppliers from home and abroad gathered to bring gifts from smart electronics, ceramic crystals, luggage hardware, daily home and other industries. A wide variety of creative gifts emerge in endlessly and are intriguing. By the opening of the exhibition, about 100,000 special gifts have entered the Beijing gift exhibition, and many indicators have reached a record high. In the innovative era of personalized customization, Xilong luggage is one of the leading service providers for personalized luggage customization and is committed to becoming a leading brand in the luggage customization industry. In the past more than ten years of exhibitions, Xilong bags and suitcases will appear on the new exhibition site together with the new products of the year every year, so the Xilong bags at this year's Beijing exhibition are as expected as before. Sure enough, the Xilong bags, 8802 and 8F01, on the opening day, have attracted much attention. This year, Xilong bags with'Light Fashion ·Light business' The design concept has brought different ideas to buyers. Color Business bag Feast' It is made up of vitality orange, Lake Blue, vanilla green, enthusiasm red and other color elements to create a variety of business luggage styles. This new product subverts people's understanding of traditional business luggage, breaks the image of traditional business luggage from the color limit, integrates rich colors into the design of business luggage, and makes workplace life no longer monotonous. The high-profile 2015 Beijing International Gifts will continue to be held for 4 days. During these 4 days, Xilong bags will continue to show creative, fashionable and generous to customers at home and abroad in Chi 02 and 8F 01. Light Fashion ·Light business' Series of luggage products, welcome to the exhibition phenomenon to visit and consult, Xilong luggage waiting for the new and old customers to come!
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