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2013 Women's Day company staff gift program

by:Xilong      2020-03-23
The new year's Women's Day is approaching. Have you chosen good gifts for your employees? If it is still a bath product, it will be weak. The 38th festival, the spring of March, is an excellent time to go out for a trip. Give the ladies a close gift, the travel bag will definitely be the heart of everyone. Below I will choose two backpacks for you: 1. One shoulder bag, fashion, leisure elements, suitable for outdoor sports. Simple connotation, abandoning complexity and simplicity, returning to simplicity, retrieving the dream of campus and returning to youth. 2. One computer bag on both shoulders, made of 600D encryption fabric, is wear-resistant and damage-proof. It is an aggressive backpack. Carry it for a long journey to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and feel the fragrance of freedom.
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