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2012 The latest situation of China's leather goods market

by:Xilong      2020-03-23
China is the world's largest manufacturer and consumer of leather goods. An individual bag is an indispensable accessory for people nowadays. Whether it is an office worker, a student or a housewife, there is always a bag, either a hand, or a shoulder, or a shoulder. Leather bags give people different texture, so they are more and more popular. At present, there are three camps in the leather goods market: first, the luxury brand camp, represented by LV; Second, the camp of domestic brands and authorized foreign brands, which accounts for 65 percent of the market, represented by jinlilai and disana; Third, the low-end bulk market camp. At present, the first category of luxury brand camp only accounts for about 5% of the market. Due to its expensive price, it is less than eight thousand, more than tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of product prices, so that the vast majority of consumers can only stop to watch. This kind of luxury bags are generally developing the market in a direct way. Domestic brands and authorized foreign brands, which account for 65% of the market, are somewhat mixed, with many brands, a large market and a wide range of consumer groups. This kind of package is generally sold in the form of distributor joining. The third category of low-end bulk cargo market has existed in China for more than ten years, but with people's pursuit of brands, the market share of such bags has decreased from 70% to 30%. Upgrading and transformation is the driving force of market development. These seemingly unfavorable factors will surely promote the rapid development of domestic independent brands, and the development space of domestic brands is also very broad.
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