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2012 development trend of leather goods industry

by:Xilong      2020-03-23
China's consumer market is maturing day by day, and the marketing channels of leather goods industry are also beginning to undergo qualitative changes. The previous sales mode of leather goods was through the wholesale market and then to the first-level wholesale, and the second-level wholesale gradually passed to the retail. There are many levels, complicated operations, mixed products, and quality problems lead to serious setbacks in consumers' confidence in the market. At this stage, with the continuous development of the market, brand monopoly has become a new marketing model for the leather goods industry. Leather products have a high degree of internationalization and have become the main export commodities of China's leather industry. The export value of leather goods industry accounts for 70% of the annual sales value. The export of leather goods industry is generally dominated by trade, accounting for 80 yen, while the export value of material processing method only accounts for 20%. The leather goods industry is an industry that goes to the world and has international competitive advantages, especially in terms of industrial resources and labor intensity. Therefore, the industry is developing rapidly and the export momentum is strong. According to the market survey, it has formed a number of leather production bases and leather professional markets with high industrial aggregation, clear specialized division of labor and outstanding industry characteristics in the advantageous areas of the leather industry, it has become a professional leather goods market, such as a leather goods industry cluster in Xiamen, Guangzhou ziyungang leather goods city, Shanghai Hongkou District luggage center, Haining Leather City, etc. The formation and development of these production bases and professional markets have become an important basis for the implementation of the second venture in the leather goods industry, driving the sustainable and coordinated development of the industry. China's leather goods industry has experienced more than 30 years of ups and downs, and has developed from the initial family workshop-style small hand industry to more than 2 enterprises. 60 thousand, with an annual output value of nearly 800 yuan.
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